5 thoughts on “Buy physical gold and save a few years”

  1. Buying physical gold can be preserved, and various banks only repurchase the gold bars sold by the Bank. After buying physical gold, investors must retain the original bills so that they can be used as vouchers in the future.
    This preservation of physical gold precautions:
    1, gold bars.
    If the gold bars you want to repurchase, it is best not to disassemble and seal it, which will help keep it; if you disassemble the plastic seal, just do not touch it, because sweating in the summer, sweat will have a certain amount of gold for gold, there will be some certainty of the gold. The corrosion effect, such as red spots that may appear in the gold surface, that is, "long spots", which affects the aesthetics. Don't bump between gold bars, because the purity of many gold bars is now 4 9, which is relatively soft and it is easy to touch a pit.
    2. Gold jewelry.
    The gold jewelry is stored in a dark and dry place, away from the kitchen, toilet, etc. there will be polluted rooms. However, there is no need to deliberately prevent moisture, because the moisture -proof agent is volatile, and it is easy to produce chemical reactions after contact with gold.
    The main reason for the discoloration of gold jewelry is that the darkness is caused by the copper and silver in which the copper sulfide and chlorine silver are generated, and the white is white and the mercury (mercury) vapor To.

  2. Although buying gold is preserved, at this time, you buy physical gold at this time. The price is high and not international gold prices. There are a lot of expenses in China on it. There are also basic small companies or pawn banks that are currently recycling in the market. If you sell them, you can basically not make money and you may have money.

  3. Well, gold is the most valuable item. Even if it is the war era, he still has the same value. Of course, it is recommended that you make spot gold investment. This is equivalent to it. If you don’t do it, you can get the gold bar at the bank. Get benefits from it

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