5 thoughts on “Can I buy real gold jewelry online? How to judge whether it is true?

  1. Answer: You can buy real gold jewelry online, but it is better to choose a regular shopping platform to buy it. The easiest and most viable way to sign the gold is burned to the lighter to pass the red. , Do not fade, fake will turn black, not to be burned. The other is to measure its volume, calling its weight, and calculating its density to see if it is consistent with the density of gold.

  2. You can also buy gold jewelry on the Internet, but you must go to some big -name gold jewelry flagship stores to buy, so that the quality is guaranteed. It is recommended to buy gold to be more precious.

  3. To buy gold jewelry online, you must be cautious. You can judge by scanning authenticity. You can also find the place where gold can be recycled. The key is also optimistic about the store's qualifications.

  4. It will definitely buy real gold jewelry on the Internet, which is undoubted. Under the rapid development of e -commerce, many traditional stores have also begun to develop e -commerce platforms, basically the sales of online and offline dual platforms. Then gold is definitely not an exclusive offline. If you want to buy gold jewelry online and you can buy real gold jewelry, you must buy it on the regular platform and regular online stores. This can ensure his true. Let us not have the loss of property and the difficulty of subsequent rights protection.
    This purchase of gold jewelry must choose a large platform and a guaranteed online e -commerce platform with a guarantee of after -sales. It is not recommended to choose some live broadcast platforms. The gold sold by the anchors cannot be guaranteed after sale. It is not necessary to buy it true, but we will be encountered by us if you do n’t have to leave. At present, many live broadcast platforms will have some live broadcasts of temporary jewelry. But when you buy a period of time after you buy, you will go to the platform and the shop will be gone, and your personal rights are difficult to protect. Therefore, when choosing to buy gold jewelry online, you must choose a large platform and a highly popular gold jewelry sales store, so that the probability of problems will be much lower.

    It in judging whether the authenticity is or not, I still recommend that you choose to support offline inspection, because of the characteristics of many gold, some fake techniques will be imitated, and some small ones will be used. It is difficult to identify whether gold jewelry is fake in a short time. Therefore, when we buy it, we can choose an after -sales support that supports offline store inspection or not, so it will be more assured. Gold jewelry is different from other jewelry, and it is usually not too cheap in terms of price, so when you buy it, you need to add another screening. Once the price is significantly lower than the market price, it is difficult for his authenticity to guarantee In the price of gold per gram of gold, the price gap is not particularly outrageous. The price gap is not particularly outrageous.

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