4 thoughts on “Gold, jade, diamonds, pearls, which one is the most valuable?

  1. In fact, these things are really comparable. If they are ordinary things, if they are the same weight and quality, of course, diamonds are the most valuable, but if gold is a gold with cultural relics, such as the emperor's jade seal, this is other other jade seals. What is comparable to things.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer will be answered immediately.nThe old saying goes for gold, price is priceless, and now there are long -lasting diamonds, a forever circulationnFirst of all, the so -called "valuable" is in terms of price system, gold and diamonds can be more accurately estimated. Gold has daily gold prices, and diamonds have an international diamond quotation form that is updated every week.nThis "valuable" refers to the static price. The prices of gold and diamond nude stones are basically updated in real time. There are rising and rising, and they are affected by many factors. The price of gram is the same, and the diamond is based on carats. The other levels are the same. Therefore, it is difficult to answer gold and diamonds. It is difficult to answer. Gold depends on the purity. Diamonds depends on the 4C classification. The commonly used units are different, not to mention their respective prices have changed. If it is hard to preserve, it can only be said that gold can be used as a hard currency, but it does not guarantee that it does not depreciate; the diamonds can be used as a collection in terms of the current situation. In a word from Zhang Yuqi, "That's all broken drills." Let's talk about "priceless", the characteristics of jade are many types. Even if it is the same jade, there is no way to use a standard measurement method to estimate the price.nCoupled with the design and master carving, these added value is not a constant estimate. Therefore, everything in the jade world is loved by radish and green vegetables, paying attention to one price and one price. Although it can still estimate the price of jade through quality differences and market price comparison, this accuracy is completely inferior to gold and diamonds. Different market price differences can also be very large. Therefore, this "priceless" does not mean that jade has no price, nor does it mean that jade is sky -high, but the price is not a fixed formula. I have said so much, which is even more valuable in jade, gold, and diamonds, but they actually spend their eyes, depending on which aspect of you. If you want to collect it, start with the high -grade high diamond or high -quality jade; if you want to avoid goods or speculation, choose gold; if you just want to wear it, you can choose what you like, then you can choose what you like. No need to consider too much.nI hope my answer can help you.n4 morenBleak

  3. I think jade is more valuable, because the range of appreciation of jade is very wide. If you let yourself receive a particularly cherished jade, then such a collection value is definitely very high, and it will also sell a very much. High price.

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