Gold jewelry processing experts advance. Essence About lighting

4 thoughts on “Gold jewelry processing experts advance. Essence About lighting”

  1. The harm is definitely there. Do you have occupational diseases in everything? Whether it is physiological or psychological, as long as you usually strengthen exercise, eat nutritional nutrition, pay attention to dormant, do not have bad habits. Those so -called occupational diseases can slowly adjust them by yourself. , Chronic diseases should be conditioned slowly, depending on their own maintenance, it is recommended to drink more tea to facilitate detoxification and adjust emotions. As for the pain, you pay attention to your colleague, is your technique wrong, if this is the case, you can only slowly adapt to it. As for what you bring on your fingers, I have never done your job Processing, if you bring things on your hand, you will reduce the lightness of your fingers, not recommended!

  2. I am a 12 -year -old person who is a little bit accustomed to lighting, just if you have any scars on your hands, try not to do this industry (like: break your hands, rheumatism ) Because the lighting is that one hand is often soaked in the water, it will cause a little pain for a long time.

  3. There must be any damage. After all, people often say that ten fingers are connected. Light fingers have been exposed to metal substances for a long time, and they have some harm to the skin, not to mention that when you are processing gold and silver jewelry, gold and silver jewelry volatilize during the process of A. The harmful substances will definitely affect your physical and mental health. It is recommended that if you are inconvenient to bring gloves, it is recommended that you use medical tape or fingers to avoid directly contacting metals with your fingers. Thanks!

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