1 thought on “How about diamond birds?

  1. Still very good.
    This is the big brand of online Tmall. When I bought a diamond ring online, I learned about it. The price is more than other homes. The price is cheaper and there are certificates. It is not bad. If you have time to understand, as long as the diamond ring is still looking at the diamond, the larger the brand, the higher the price.
    The diamond bird was founded in 2002. It was the first to introduce the "mouse cement" model to online luxury sales. It is one of the earliest online diamond brands in China. It always advocates the spread of diamond culture, adheres to the classic cutting of Antwerp, a dual -diamond certificate, and brings a intimate drill purchase experience and unparalleled DIY fun to consumers. Diamond birds have created that love testimony for countless couples, and has harvested the word of mouth of nearly one million members.
    I. As the only online strategic partner of the Belgian Diamond High -level Parliament (HRD) and the International Platinum Association (PT) in China, diamond birds have been designed and launched by well -known domestic and overseas designers over the years. The love of the person, the flexibility based on the model can provide customers with more than 20,000 diamonds of different grades at the same time to choose from. The distinctive DIY personality customization service meets the personalized needs of the diamond style of the young group and won The praise of nearly one million members has successfully provided Crado Diamond Investment and Wealth Management Services for 32 key cities across the country, and more than 20,000 customers successfully provided a unit price of more than one million -level Clarks.

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