How about going to study jewelry design in the UK?

1 thought on “How about going to study jewelry design in the UK?”

  1. British jewelry design majors have always been known for high thresholds.
    First of all, the jewelry design majors provided in the UK are only recruiting graduate students. Applicants must have a bachelor's degree or work experience in related majors. Secondly, some art colleges also require students to provide their own works while applying for the application as a reference for being admitted. Third, jewelry design is a high -income major, so the corresponding tuition fees are also very high, about 9,000 pounds per year. The last is the requirements of language grades. Compared with many majors in the application for studying abroad, students who have the intention to study abroad in the IELTS scores have lost their interest in this major, but what we want to say is that the high is high. The threshold means a wider career development space in the future, which means high income and high returns. As a unpopular major, it is still worthy of those popular majors such as business and accounting, such as business and accounting, which are the same as business.

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