How about Guangpai Commercial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.?

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  1. Guangpai Commercial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company registered and established in Shanghai in 2005-06-20 (wholly-owned by Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao legal person). The registered address is located at Room 122, No. 36, 36, 3717, Hongmei Road, Changning District, Shanghai.
    The unified social credit code/registration number of Guangpai Commercial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is that the corporate legal person Shen Xiuxian is currently in a state of opening.
    The business scope of Guangpai Commercial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is: clothing, clothing, underwear, shoe and hats, luggage, leather products, jewelry (except hairy diamonds, naked drills), artificial jewelry, clocks, glasses (including glasses, glasses (including Sunglasses, except for contact lenses), cosmetics, skin care products, nursing products, beauty hairdressing products, beauty tools, perfume spices, cleaning products, maternal and infant products, children's products, toys, pet supplies, instruments, office supplies, stationery products, wine, wine Class (operated by the score -limited institution), bicycle, kitchen supplies, tableware, kitchen and bathroom appliances, lighting, furniture, decoration materials, household items, umbrella rain gear, home appliances, daily electrical appliances, automobile supplies, packaging accessories, needle textiles, bedding, on -bed supplies , Cultural and sports supplies and equipment, outdoor equipment, outdoor sports supplies, daily necessities and daily necessities, machinery and equipment, hardware and electronic products, arts and crafts (except cultural relics), bathroom supplies, flowers, communication equipment and accessories, photography equipment, photography equipment , Retail and wholesale of accessories and small products, the import and export business of self -operated goods, commission agents (except for auctions), and provide relevant supporting services (without involving state -owned trade management products, quotas, license management products, according to the relevant state relevant state Application for application); clothing management consulting, corporate image planning; engaging in commercial activities in a franchise; entrustment for self -owned brands or authorized brands, clothing and shoe and hats, below by branches To. [The projects that must be approved according to law can be carried out after approval by relevant departments. In Shanghai, the total registered capital of the company with similar operating scope is 113.24 million yuan, and the main capital is concentrated in enterprises with a scale of 10-10 million, with a total of 58. Within the province, the registered capital of the current enterprise is excellent.
    G Guangpai Commercial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. invested 0 companies outside, and has 67 disposal branches.
    In Baidu Enterprise Credit View Guangpai Commercial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. More information and information.

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