How can Chengdu sell for gifts for girls?

Of course, it was given to his girlfriend? I wonder what to get? How can I get Treasure in Chengdu?
Thank you for your help?

3 thoughts on “How can Chengdu sell for gifts for girls?”

  1. Chow Tai Fook has a thousand -footed zodiac series. The shape is very cute and not expensive. About a zodiac zodiac is between 300 and 400. Buy one, and then let the cabinet girl help you make a knot. You can wear it on your wrist. It ’s very beautiful. Or Licheng Tianyi store has two underworld closes that start to start 50 % off, and you can find valuable stuff. Or what big -name trim can be found in Western and Licheng. Between 500 and 1000.

  2. I saw a handmade silver trim shop on Yulin North Road a few days ago. I went in and strolled around and felt that something was good. You can go to see if there is any intention. Come ~~!

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