3 thoughts on “How to buy gift packaging in Jingdong Mall”

  1. (1) Enter the homepage of Jingdong.

    (2) Click the search box.

    (3) Search box Input gift packaging, click to search.

    (4) Enter the gift packaging search results page.

    (5) Click the favorite gift packaging product.

    (6) Enter the product page.

    (7) Select the color to join the shopping cart.

    (8) The product was successfully added to the shopping cart.

    (9) Enter the shopping cart.

    (10) Click to settle.

    (11) Enter the settlement page to determine the receiving product information.

    (12) Enter the payment password Click to submit the order.

    (13) Order purchase is successfully waiting for receipt.

    It solves the problem of how to buy gift packaging in Jingdong Mall.

  2. The method is as follows:

    1. Enter the JD homepage and log in to the JD account;

    2, searching in the search bar needs need to be searched need Gifts purchased;

    3, find the gift you need to buy, click to join the shopping cart; R n
    4, enter the shopping cart, click as shown in the figure, gift packaging;

    5, currently only some products support gift packaging, Select the gift box packaging and add the shopping cart;

    6, after the settlement is completed, the order with gift packaging is completed.

  3. Hello, if you want to choose a gift box packaging, just see if this product supports the gift box packaging. If you support it, then you choose the appropriate product and package, click the following "the product supports ** regional gift packaging details", Then you will be transferred to the page to submit the order, and you can submit the order after writing your blessing.

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