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  1. The ring can be bought in about one week in advance. Platinum ring is purchased to three aspects: Choosing the right style
    For platinum rings, there are two main types: one is a platinum diamond ring, and the other is a platinum prime ring. Essence The advantage of platinum diamond ring is that the degree of shining is high and can be used as a weapon that shows its charm and economic strength. If the platinum wedding ring worn at the wedding is more meaningful, it is best to choose the brand he recognized. One of the important advantages of platinum prime ring is that the price is relatively cheap, wearing more stable after marriage, and it is also suitable for wearing in daily life. In terms of style, if it is for proposal, it is best to choose a gorgeous, luxurious, and large platinum diamond ring. If it is for marriage, I recommend choosing a simple atmosphere and classic style for daily wear.
    The platinum ring
    C selected adjustable ring or fixed ring
    The ring of the ring is perfectly matched with the finger size of the wearer to exert its own charm. Therefore Design type: one is a adjustable ring, and the other is a fixed ring, inseparable ring. The former is more suitable for those wearers who are worried about the size of the fingers, and the latter is more convenient to wear it. Do not worry about the additional bumps caused by additional bumps or scratching fingers.
    The platinum ring
    C selection of the right price range
    The appropriate ring must not only win your meaning in style, but also perfectly fit the fingers of the wearer in size, but also needs to be in price. It is roughly the same as the buyer's tolerance. This requires people to determine their own disposable budget when buying a platinum ring, and try not to overdraw their expenses to avoid unnecessary impact on future life.

  2. Yes, but LZ also knows how to maintain it
    The maintenance of platinum jewelry
    This Platinum jewelry is stored alone in a jewelry box or suede bag to prevent scratches on other jewelry jewelry.
    Is when doing housework, gardening, and other types of heavy work or physical activity, please do not wear platinum accessories. When wearing platinum jewelry, do not contact bleach or irritating chemicals. Although they do not harm platinum, chemicals may change diamonds or gems.
    This is regularly cleaned for platinum jewelry, using jewelery cleaner sold on the market, or immersing it in a solution of soap and warm water, and then gently wipe with a soft cloth. For platinum jewelry inlaid, it takes six months to clean it.
    If the naked eye scratches, or a natural oxidation layer on the surface of the platinum, please bring the platinum jewelry to the qualified jewelry dealer for polishing. The scratches on platinum are only metal shift, and its volume will not decrease.
    This to adjust, correct, polish and clean the jewelry by qualified jewelry dealers. Make sure the jewelry dealer has trained platinum fitters.
    I still learned on the website of the International Platinum Association, haha

  3. Isn't platinum the same? You buy a brand with the same gold content. 1500 can now buy about 3 grams. You have to look at the styles to look at more brands. Generally, the jewelry of the jewelry store will not have inventory. Some are placed on the counter. Buy it directly, but one thing is that it is best to buy a ring. purchase. Moreover, the ring is relatively fashionable, and it is not easy to be outdated. Of course, the number of grams will not be very heavy.

  4. For example, the size of the style of view is not required, so it is best to 1 week in advance, so that you can help you determine.
    The new products in the store can be bought directly. Basically, you don't need to advance in advance.
    It girls are about 3 grams now.
    The platinum is now 480 yuan per gram.
    Attachment: I personally think that buying a ring is better ~ I don’t say it firmly ~ The style is not so easy to fall behind ~ Hehe

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