How to make advertising words in Photoshop

How to make these pictures

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  1. 1. First open the color set, then select the Tibetan blue blue, click OK, and then click Ctrl Delete to fill the color
    2, then click the horizontal text tool in the toolbar, enter the text to be advertised on the canvas r r
    3, right -click the text to select the perspective, then pull the text to form a spatial effect
    4, right -click the text layer, select the mixed option
    5, then check the projection, then adjust the parameter of the projection , Click OK
    6, you can see the effect at the end

  2. Production method:
    The new document, the setting method is as shown below:

    Create a new document, set as shown in the figure below (the width height can be free)

    new layer, edit> filling> pattern> Select the creation just created just now The pattern> OK

    Filter> Twisting> Polar coordinates> OK
    n n n n

    The cutting and canvas with a cutting tool to make the center of the radiation effect in the lower left corner, as shown in the following figure
    Blue Gradient (from the lower left corner to the upper right corner), and then the layer mode selects "Dark", and now the background is ready! As shown in the figure below:

    The words are used in text tools, then right -click the text and select the grid layer, as shown below:

    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n
    CTRL T, right -click the text, select perspective, then drag the text to the ideal effect, press Enter
    Create layer 3, fill in white, then select layer 2, click to select> load into the constituency, then select layer 3, edit> Fill> Black> OK, the effect is as shown below:

    n n n n n n n n n n n n R n

    Note: Filter> blur> radial blur,
    ctrl L enter into Color step adjustment,
    filter> Vague> Gaussian vague, diameter 2, OK, press CTRL L,
    ctrl t, right -click the text, select the zoom, then drag the four corners of the picture, then drag the four corners of the picture, Until the black outline around the text is blocked, then return to determine
    setting the layer mode to "orthopedic bottom"

  3. PS entry -how to use Photoshop to make art word advertising effects
    On how to add beautiful artistic characters to the picture? Is the effect of art and advertising words difficult to do? This is difficult to say. In fact, we can make simple advertising characters with the most common Photoshop. If you are still using Photoshop text tools to add simple words to the picture, it is too sorry for such a powerful PS software. No need to be complicated. Open Photoshop with me step by step, anyone can make the seemingly cool art word advertising effect!
    The following is the PS Forum.

  4. These are actually very simple things
    . As long as the landlord has the basic operation of PS, you can complete the figure above
    The finding suitable font typing plus dotted lines to draw a rectangular fill color with a rectangular tool (the picture provided by the landlord is gray)
    typing again to achieve the effect chart

  5. It is still recommended that you learn CorelDRAW. PS is more suitable for repairing maps. CorelDRAW is much easier to use CorelDRAW above. Software has a scope of adaptation, and the right is the best.

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