Is it harmful to the human body with a diamond ring?

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  1. The ingredient of the diamond is carbon, so the harmless
    The benefits of wearing a diamond ring
    diamond is an extremely hard natural mineral, so people think of diamonds as an extraordinary ability sign, which represents sacred invasion Therefore, the advantage of wearing a diamond ring is to highlight the identity, highlight the elegant temperament, and enhance the individual's charm index.
    The gems contain trace elements that are beneficial to the human body, such as chromium and iron. Because jade is the most abundant substance, it is often worn into the human body that can infiltrate these beneficial substances through the acupuncture points of the skin, so as to balance yin and yang qi and blood, and achieve the purpose of health care. Diamonds can absorb short wave bands in the sun, making it an ideal "storage" of ultraviolet rays, disinfected sterilization for the human body.
    has a meridian called Sanjiao Meridian on the ring finger of a person. The hormone produced by the human body is mainly transported by this meridian. After wearing a diamond ring, the meridians can produce a massage effect, thereby stimulating the three -focus meridians and keeping it in an active and smooth state. Diamond ring and skin are always in a state of friction, which promotes the blood circulation of the hand. Therefore, the benefits of wearing a diamond ring can also reduce the chance of skin infection.
    It the disadvantages of the ring
    If the ring of the ring is not suitable or carrying the ring with a rumor all year round, it will compress the vascular damage to the microcirculation, which is not good for our health. When buying a diamond ring, you must choose the right diamond ring. When you sleep, you can pick off the diamond ring. The diamond ring is wearing it. It will make you beautiful and healthy.
    The diamond ring with complicated shapes has many gaps. Many bacteria will be left in the gap between the diamond ring for a long time. Try to remove the diamond ring as much as possible when you touch the cooked food with your hands to prevent the bacteria from entering the mouth through the diamond ring.

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