Restaurant Mid -Autumn Festival Marketing Activity Planning Plan

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  1. Restaurant Mid -Autumn Festival Marketing Activities Planning Plan
    In order to ensure the orderly or scientific work of the matter or work scientific, an excellent plan is often required. And there are strong and operable plans. What are the characteristics of excellent solutions? The following is the planning plan for the Mid -Autumn Festival marketing activities that I have carefully organized. It is for reference only. I hope to help everyone.

    The restaurant Mid -Autumn Festival Marketing Activity Planning Plan 1. Activity purpose: Gather popularity through promotional activities and advertising of the Mid -Autumn Festival, drive consumption, and increase sales revenue and profits. On the other hand, on the other hand, Leave a good impression among consumers, strengthen consumers and corporate employees' confidence in Swan Lake Restaurant, enhance brand awareness and reputation, and affect consumer brand loyalty.
    . The theme of the event: "Moon is full of Mid-Autumn Festival nights, at this time at this time", Swan Lake helps you connect with you
    . Activity time: 9-18-9-26 (to be determined)
    . Activity content
    1. On -site guessing activities
    The special lantern riddles are set up, and the colorful lights (red lights) cages are hung at the event site. All lantern riddles are not difficult, as long as those who guesses can get a 10 yuan consumer coupon.
    The lantern riddles can be displayed 10 daily during the event and 20 during the Mid -Autumn Festival.
    The lantern riddles are small woodcuts, which are similar in size and amulets. The appearance is simple and has a collection value. One side is a sign of the Swan Lake Restaurant, and the other is a lantern riddles. If the guest guesses, you can take it to the receiver, and the lantern riddle card is given to the guests with a red fragrance bag. (Swan Lake signs are also printed outside the bun)
    2. Giant moon cake
    icated a 2 -meter -diameter moon cake, placed in the hall for publicity, and everyone on the scene of the guests on the 15th day of August 15th Delivery.
    In the camera and printer. If some guests want to take a photo with giant moon cakes or theme layout areas, they can provide services. Guests who spend more than 500 yuan take a photo for free, and each guest is charged 5 yuan each time.
    In the production of giant moon cakes in advance. If the restaurant cannot be made, you can contact the field as a selling point for publicity.
    The giant moon cakes should be auspicious name. The specific name can be collected from the society, which is speculated by the newspaper. It is determined that the adoption can get a table at the August 15th reunion banquet provided by Swan Lake for 288 yuan.
    In August 15th, guests who consume in the restaurant can participate in giant moon cake appreciation activities. The cake -cutting ceremony was held by restaurant executives, employees and guests, and sent them to customers uniformly. The cake guest can also wait for a glory to send themselves to their families and friends to express their deep affection.
    3. Give Ping An
    In the Mid -Autumn Festival theme area in the catering hall, which is arranged by the moon, rabbit, Chang'e, Wu Gang, Guishu and other items. Get up, don't approach.
    The safety symbols hanging on the lobby's decoration on the cinnamon tree, symbolizing peace, reunion, and precious. The Ping An Rune is red silk and small wooden cards, with novel production and its own characteristics. Anyone who consumes in catering can choose a Ping An symbol they like and give them to family and friends to bless peace and happiness.
    The safety symbols are given one at each table. If necessary, it can sell 10 yuan each.
    4. The family portrait reunion banquet
    If the chefs launched the August 15th family portfolio reunion package menu, ranging from 288 yuan -2888 (can be dependent on the actual situation of the restaurant).
    The guests who are scheduled to be less than 500 yuan during the event during the event will give a free fruit plate for free, take a photo with the set in the restaurant for free, and guess the lantern riddles for free.
    The guests who scheduled more than 500 yuan for more than 500 yuan during the event will give a luxury fruit plate for free, a Swan Lake moon cake gift box, and take a photo with the set in the restaurant for free.
    The guests who scheduled more than 1,000 yuan during the event during the event, free a luxury fruit plate, a luxurious swan lake moon cake gift box for free, take a photo with the scene in the restaurant, free to guess the lantern, you can write the prayer hole lights yourself One.
    5. Couple banquet
    This will be launched by the chef's head of the August 15th couple banquet set menu, ranging from 58 yuan -588 (can be based on the actual situation of the restaurant).
    The guests who book a couple banquet package will give a free fruit plate for free, take a photo with the set in the restaurant for free, and guess the lantern puzzle for free.
    The restaurant Mid -Autumn Festival Marketing Activity Plan 2 I. Target Market Analysis
    The customers of this restaurant are mainly middle and upper -level people and government agencies, but many of them are popular consumers in the surrounding communities. This The restaurant is required to take into account the popular consumption needs of people around the restaurant on the basis of improving the grade.
    . Pricing strategy
    1. The meal can basically maintain the original pricing, but consider the price of some meals related to the Mid -Autumn Festival, you can use discounts (recommended to use this method) or directly reduce the price Method.
    2. For meals with high prices, it is recommended to use the method of reducing and price reduction.
    3. The price of the package of the Mid-Autumn Festival (instructions below) should not be too high, and the per capita consumption is controlled at 50-80 yuan (excluding wine).
    4. The price of other drinks and other services can be flexibly changed according to the actual situation of the restaurant, which can be reached before and after the Mid -Autumn Festival (but it is necessary to formulate the net profit of the restaurant).
    . Marketing strategy
    1. Making packages specifically targeted at the Mid -Autumn Festival can be divided into affordable, middle and high three, etc., two -person meals, three -person meals and other types. Reunion can give moon cakes (the price does not require too high).
    2. If one of the family's birthday is August 15th, you can enjoy 8.15 % off at a restaurant with valid documents (hukou books and ID cards). discount. It is recommended to recommend them to the Mid -Autumn Festival package.
    3. If the mobile phone and fixed telephone number is 815 (within Guangzhou), you can enjoy a 20 % discount on dinner at the restaurant with valid documents (accountbooks and ID cards). discount. It is recommended to recommend them to the Mid -Autumn Festival package. It is the restaurant to contact these people directly.
    4. Since there is no accommodation service for this restaurant for the time being, it can be jointly introduced with other large hotels based on accommodation to introduce customers. This can increase the customer base and reduce some related costs. For this part of customers, they can use special vehicles to pick up and drop off. It is also recommended to recommend the Mid -Autumn Festival package for them.
    5. Give some small gifts related to the Mid -Autumn Festival after meals (the names, telephones, addresses, and URLs of the restaurant should be printed above).
    6. The activity time is scheduled to be from August 10th to August 20th in the lunar calendar, that is, September 17th to September 27th, 20xx of the Gregorian calendar.
    . Promotion strategy
    1. Place outdoor advertisements near the door of the restaurant, railway stations, and bus stations (the main form of inkjet ads and banners).
    2. Combination of TV, street banner and newspaper advertisements.
    3. You can try mobile phone message advertising. The focus of the group is the old customers of the original restaurant. Pay attention to the appropriate language and mainly introduce the latest activities of the restaurant.
    4. Do a bomb -eliminated advertisement online or a larger Flash animation advertisement or a banner. The processing of web animation and pictures must be consistent with the content of marketing.
    5. You can also use leaflet ads, but the quality of the leaflet must be high.
    Note: The above advertisements can be selected at the same time. The focus of promotion is in the urban area, and it can also be promoted to the surrounding counties and cities. The minimum audience of advertising must be guaranteed.
    5. Other related strategies
    1. Security must ensure the safety of the restaurant.
    2. Specify some incentive policies to waiters and related staff to mobilize their enthusiasm for their work (this content can be refined in the future).
    3. Put some high -quality and elegant music in the hall.
    4. The restaurant's kitchen needs to do a good job of logistics. In the case of ensuring the quality of the dishes, the speed of the production and serving of the dishes must be faster.
    5. The layout of the lobby does not need to be too luxurious, but it must be beautiful and generous, showing the taste of the Mid -Autumn Festival.
    6. Effect predictions
    The restaurant effectively implemented the above promotion promotion activities and provided customers with thoughtful services. The restaurant's operating income was at least 1.5 times the usual operating income.
    Seven. Other suggestions
    1. The front desk of the restaurant communicates with the waiter in time to save some key customers at any time.
    2. In the conditions of the customer's consent, enter the database of the customer's information into the database (the key is the customer's name and mobile phone number), and serve the future promotion (this content can be refined in the future).
    3. Make a restaurant website as soon as possible. The website must be made by professional people. The domain name must be simple and easy to remember. A large Flash animation also has the content of the release system, online marketing system, customer message board, customer forum, employee entertainment and other aspects.
    The restaurant Mid -Autumn Festival Marketing Activity Planning Plan 3. Activity purpose `
    The Mid -Autumn Festival has always been a good time for restaurants and hotels to make promotion, and it is also an opportunity to stimulate consumers and drive consumption. Better profits, on the other hand, are also to strengthen the external image of the restaurant and deepen the impression of the restaurant in the minds of consumers.
    . Activity theme
    "Mid -Autumn Festival is happy, good gifts are giving away"
    . Activity objects
    Themidica promotional activities for different people with high, low, and low and low Shop different people.
    . Activity time
    -September 12 -September 21
    5. Activity form
    Discounts; gifts; n1. During the promotion period, you can enjoy a 10 % discount for more than 100 yuan in our shop. And give the Mid -Autumn Festival specially added with the table.
    2. During the promotion period, you can get the corresponding Mid -Autumn Festival gift box during the designated series of the store.
    3. During the event, every dining in our shop can participate in the Mid -Autumn Festival Lantern Fans with a prize quiz. You can get a snapshot for free.
    Seven. Event advertising
    1. Place of concentrated traffic, railway stations, bus stations, etc., do outdoor advertisements.
    2. Newspapers and local television stations must also be promoted.
    3. Perform leaflet distribution.
    8. Other related strategies
    The personnel mobilization, hotel layout, etc. must be allocated beforehand and start emergency measures. At the same time, we must make relevant records and summarize to prepare for the promotion assessment.
    The Mid -Autumn Festival Marketing Activity Planning Plan 4. Activity Organizing Committee
    1. Responsible: members of the board of directors, the General Economy Office, Planning Department
    , Members: The person in charge of each department
    2. Activity time: September 6th to September 30th
    . Planning plan for the Mid -Autumn Festival -Activity purpose:
    The National Day "created the second consumption peak of the restaurant, and the target of the cold market after the long holiday to slow down and reduce the decline in consumption.
    4. Mid -Autumn Festival Planning Plan -Activity theme:
    Celebrate Mid -Autumn Festival, welcome the National Day, Gift Gifts!
    Five, Activity Slog Scenario layout:
    (1) Outdoor layout:
    Gate couplet: Wanjia reunion welcomes the Mid -Autumn Festival, celebrates the celebration of the four seas: celebrate the festival;
    : High = 10_13m, promotional activities;
    8 big red lanterns hanging above the door.
    (2), the layout of the field:
    1. The publicity signs are hung on both ends of the elevator on the first, second, third, and fourth floors, respectively.
    2. Establish a large moon cake in the lobby on the first floor (negotiated by the procurement department);
    . Establish a archway at the entrance of the first floor, display a street cake street on the back of the cashier, on the streets of moon cakes Hanging tags on the upper end, setting up the atmosphere of a street cake;
    4. The main channel, elevator mouth, and moon cakes are hung on the corresponding court lantern at the upper end of the upper end of the head; 300 palace lanterns.
    5. Hanging Mid -Autumn Festival on the main channels on each floor, the National Day flag (one side); 1,000 pieces of hanging flags.
    6. The staircase guardrail is enclosed with golden velvet cloth, and the layout of the elevator mouth is strengthened.
    7. A large (2, 5 -meter wide) lantern (made of KT board) hangs in the central hall, and the square block is "Happy Mid -Autumn Festival" under the big lantern. Best.
    Seven, Mid -Autumn Festival Activity Plan -Propaganda strategy
    1, DM poster promotion;
    . TV media publicity:
    A, promotional content: moon cake listing, group purchase, community purchase Moon cakes and related activities;
    B. Time: September 20th;
    The Mid -Autumn Festival marketing activities planning plan 5 Mid -Autumn Festival is approaching. But everyone who is far away from his hometown, the light of the bright moon is indifferent to the boundaries, everyone can feel its comfort. Just as the motherland cares about her people, the mother's comfort to her children will not ignore it because of the far away and the ocean. , Will not be blocked by thousands of mountains and mountains. September 22, 20xx is the Mid -Autumn Festival Mid -Autumn Festival, a ancient festival in China. Maybe someone will ask why August 15th is called the Mid -Autumn Festival? The simplest explanation is that August 15th is in the middle of autumn, so it is the Mid -Autumn Festival. The characteristics of the Mid -Autumn Festival are the moon viewing, eating moon cakes and littering.
    The Mid -Autumn Festival, like the Lunar New Year, is a family of family reunion. On the night of the Mid -Autumn Festival, the moon is the most round, the brightest, and the moonlight is the most beautiful. Every household puts food and fruits, moon cakes and other foods on the table in the courtyard. The family appreciates the moon cake and eat moon cakes. Essence On the occasion of the Mid -Autumn Festival, I specifically conceived some promotional themes based on the theme of Mid -Autumn Festival:
    . "Take the moon home"
    During the event, spend 100 yuan, send a moon with a moon The keychain, the moon keychain has a variety of shapes and exquisite production. There are some blessings engraved on it: such as happy Mid -Autumn Festival, wishfulness, peace, happiness and other words, as well as some poetry and poetry sentences describing the Mid -Autumn Festival and the moon.
    Plebage instructions:
    1. The keychain is customized by the mall. According to the restaurant sales, the order is determined, and the cost of each keychain is controlled within one yuan.
    2. The restaurant name is engraved on the keychain, which can also be combined with blessings, such as "_ restaurant wish you a happy Mid -Autumn Festival".
    3. Task at the designated office of the restaurant with a small ticket, 100 yuan, 200 two, two, push in order. Casting on the small ticket after receiving.
    . The random drawing activity
    When the customer pays the bill to check the checkout, the cashier can tell the customer to the designated location draw. The customer only needs to give the bill to the designated personnel. The prize of the lottery can be: "Full of drinks today", "Sending a free __ -dish today" and other notes may be "take a guest to receive only one money next time", "Your dessert today is free" and so on Wait for discounts. You can set up awards based on the specific situation of the restaurant.
    Plip indication shows that everyone can operate according to the situation of the catering hotel. It is not described in detail here.
    . Give special discounts to the Mid -Autumn Festival package
    The new Mid -Autumn Package varieties launched by the restaurant to promote and manufacture the Mid -Autumn Festival dining atmosphere. At the same time, in order to attract more customers to order Discount. The content of the content can be planned in detail. I do n’t describe it in detail here. It is just a theme activity reference opinion.
    Plip indication shows that everyone can operate according to the situation of the catering hotel. It is not described in detail here.
    . Customer speech Mid -Autumn Festival night
    During the customer's dining, the restaurant can tell the customer: "Who wants to come to the stage and plant a short speech in 30 seconds or 40 seconds." Get everyone applauding the most enthusiasts, today's meal fees are free.
    Plip indication shows that everyone can operate according to the situation of the catering hotel. It is not described in detail here.
    5. Special guest discount activities
    The restaurant sent to important guests to VIP cards or specifically specifically specifically specified tonight. Services and discounts.
    Plip indication shows that everyone can operate according to the situation of the catering hotel. It is not described in detail here.
    The theme of the following four theme marketing schemes has no specific explanation of the operation content. You can operate according to the situation of the catering hotel. You can learn from the theme of the planning of the marketing plan of the Mid -Autumn Festival restaurant, or you can think of some good ideas according to the ideas here. There is still more than a month from the Mid -Autumn Festival. Everyone has time to slowly plan it.

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