Seek a few good stories, to tell your girlfriend before going to bed, short.

My girlfriend wants me to tell her a story in QQ at night, everyone finds me a few short stories. Please

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  1. Tell your girlfriend like this: There were two people, one called me love you, and the other told me not to love you. But suddenly one day, I do n’t love you to die, who do you say? Intersection Your girlfriend will definitely say: I love you. Essence Essence Then you tell her: I love you too. Essence
    Is you like this story. Essence

  2. The specialty of non -virgin medicines, even if the emotional delay fainted, you said a letter of sleep, the reasons were brought, and I refuted me, but I just refuted the post. You can't change a

  3. I have loved you and never regret it. My longevity neon lights began to flash, the streets began to spread, and the whole city became mysterious and sad against the night sky.
    The city of the city has a "seven -year" bar. The boss is a girl from the south. The people here are called "Ah Qi".
    I like seven years, I like the boss A Qi, so I will check in once a week.
    Seven years are different from other bars, where the travelers who are returned at night are the most moving stories.
    I I was dragged into the tired body and stepped into it for seven years. A Qi greeted me at the bar and asked me to try her new wine.
    The sweetness of that glass of wine is different from the past, and there is no bitterness in the past, like self -redemption, like a relief.
    A seven tube is called "Oasis". She said that the oasis are the hope of the desert, and the green is a new life.
    . She said she was leaving and went to find her oasis.
    Is when I first saw Ah, I was embarrassed because of my love, and she was glory.
    At that time, I think there is such a good person in this world. I wonder which guy is lucky and can take her home.
    It later I learned that she was hidden in the glory.
    I like to drink Ah Qi's wine while listening to her story, and her story is like wine, mellow and moving.
    A Aq and C met at the party ten years ago. Since then, C has started a strong pursuit of Aqi.
    c The fixed time every morning, holding breakfast at the bank door where Aqi work.
    The banks where Aqi is located often propaganda in the mall, and C will also appear. I often buy a few more cups of milk tea to A seven colleagues. Colleagues also have a good opinion of Mr. C. They often talk secretly underneath. C, this person.
    and each time the event is over, they will take the initiative to send Ai Qi home.
    It also ask Ah Qi to ask Ah Qi to know warmth and understand the little bit of Aqi's life.
    Over time, A Qi moved to C.
    A a girl, a girl, is gentle and pleasant with a woman in Jiangnan, and the boldness of the northern girl, it is difficult to make people unwilling.
    c was ready to arrange it one month before the arrival of Aqi's birthday, intending to surprise Aqi Yiyi, and take this opportunity to confess to A Qi.
    On the day of birthday, C booked the luxury box of KTV in advance, and arranged and rehearsed with friends for a day.
    Vis around 6 pm, Aqi looked at the box under the leadership of his girlfriend.
    The moment A Qi took off the eye mask, the entire room was full of red balloon, full of love and love stickers on the wall, and a huge heart shape was placed on the ground with a candle, connecting a red carpet.
    A Qi saw everything that was so incredible and dreamy.
    c held the microphone to confess to A Qi:
    I I don't believe in love at first sight, but when I meet you, your smile makes me dream, and then I realize that this is my heart. When I do n’t see you, I feel that there are only two colors of black and white in the world. Only you can only have you to turn my world into colorful magic. Therefore, please promise to be my girlfriend. In the next life, tens of millions of times for you.
    A Qi is in the atmosphere of love, listening to the sensational confession, leaving tears in movement, and accepting it.
    One month later, in order to be able to stay with C every day, A Qi moved away from his home who lived with his parents for more than 20 years, and chose to live with C at the rental house.
    The housing prices in first -tier cities are very high. C's rental houses are in a humble house. The toilets and kitchen are publicly available, and they are also a group of people who are shared.
    A Qi said that it is fake that it is not used to it, and every time he passes through the kitchen, you can smell a sour smell.
    This shoes and socks are full of walkways leading to the room, and the air is mixed with strong foot odor.
    . Even when I thought of going to the toilet at night, I had to wrap myself tightly. When I arrived at the toilet, I looked at the rinse of each time but always changed back to the original dirty toilet, so I had to clean it patiently.
    The all A Qi thinks that you can overcome it, as long as you can be with C.
    c all looked at it, and I was moved by Ah Qi to do what he did for him.
    c is busy with work and often needs to work overtime. A Qi can only buy food alone and then get home.
    c likes Aqi's cooking skills very much. Ah Qi saw that every time he swept the vegetables and washed, he went to wash the dishes with satisfaction.
    In fact, Ai Qi can cook at the beginning! A person is at home, watching video while watching the Internet. The problems and details of each dish and the finished products after their own hands are summarized on the book, especially for the dishes that C likes to eat, and the notes are more detailed.
    A Aqi's efforts to remind me of the movie "Soul Ferry · Huangquan" in the movie "Soul Ferry · Huangquan" loves the love of longevity:
    Ruyi Langjun, I need to really like it, I wish him good. When he is good, I am happy; when I am not good, I am not happy; as long as he is good, I am happy or bad, I really like it, and Fang is really happy to love someone. I think it ’s like this. He lied to me. As long as he was good, he would be happy if he was happy.
    With Ah Qi, I can't help wondering. You have done so many things for him, which is enough to see you love him very much. According to this development, you should be very happy!
    A Aqi laughed. At that time, I thought so, but this happiness quietly dissipated with the coming of marriage.
    three years together with A Qi and C, A seven parents wanted to make them married. A Qi felt almost the same, so he talked about it with C, and after C listened, he also agreed.
    So C told his parents to get married, but his father had no opinion, but his mother had a slight word for Ah Du.
    Is after seeing A Qi for the first time, this future mother -in -law feels that A Qi is not suitable for her son's daughter -in -law. After a few meetings, even if A Qi pleases her, she still does not change her thoughts and often leaves away. seven.
    c is helpless for this behavior of mother.
    It persuaded her mother every day to ask her to agree to the marriage, and finally she was finally loosened.
    Is you can get married, but you have not hired. Your elder brother has been married for three years. Isn't this going to buy a house recently!
    The situation in the family also knows, and borrow money everywhere to prepare the down payment for your elder brother.
    c will stop talking after listening, telling Ah Qi to the dialogue between himself and his mother.
    although A Qi hates her mother -in -law's thick approach, she does not complain about being able to get married with C as expected.
    but A Qi's mother did not agree, and the distressed daughter hadn't married before, and she was already like this. Then she was really married and she must not be grieved.
    The tough attitude of the mother of both parties, Ah Qi and C also hurt their brains.
    A Aqi wants C to discuss with his mother again. The two sides take a step back and take less, even if they are a colorful head.
    c's mother insisted on this.
    I to this day, I remember how Aqi said when she was talking about the past. She looked up at the void. The camellia in her hand seemed to be faster to render the atmosphere. The pale smoke surrounded her. Selling her.
    has not failed to negotiate in the two families for nearly a month. C and A Qi proposed to break up. This is something that A Qi unexpected.
    This saying that we were over, it was the most cruel thing she had ever heard.
    It, she tossed on the side of countless nights and wet his tear pillow towel for him.
    . She said that for a while, she dreamed of him every night, causing her to not dare to close her eyes, and she was afraid that she had no sense of loss when she woke up.
    . So she began to paralyze herself with alcohol and cigarettes, trying to forget him, but she couldn't forget it in the end.
    . She couldn't figure out the tenderness of three years, because of the problem of hiring, not only lost to her innocence, but also lost to C's cowardice and decision.
    Later, A Qi gave up his original high -paying work and opened a bar.
    A Qi said that she made an agreement with herself. In seven years, she not only used her better healing, but also completely cut off her past life.
    In at this time, I knew the origin of the "seven years".
    Every time A Qi lifted C, the stars were shining in the eyes, even if her eyebrows were full of sadness.
    is the seventh year this year, and she should also fulfill her agreement.
    . She said she was going to travel to see the outside world.
    It is time to let herself go. This kind of life is too bitter. She wants to be happy, just like "Oasis", ushered in her new life.
    and I chose to bless her, even if the years did not give her deep affection in the end, but I thought that time would not be held at her, it would give her love in another way and smooth her scar.
    I seven girls, I hope you are full of enthusiasm for life. May you unload the chain to achieve a new life.
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    Our love like fingerprints will never change from her nobility family, eighteen years old The age of age is as delicate as a rose, and it is like a butterfly.
    The group of family members of the family surrounded the left and right, and she was obsessed with a smile. She just needed to hold one and hold one, and she grasped the rich and rich in her life.
    is just, the girl's heart is hidden in the heart that is eager to move. If there is no emotional moisturizing, no matter how good the years, there will be a lament.
    . Unfortunately, none of these young men around me could live in her heart.
    When he met him, when he went to the jewelry shop to take jewelry, only one glance, her beauty and elegance engraved into his heart.
    It, like receiving the goddess, pay attention to helping her try to wear and pack it, and carefully tell her to prepare for the precautions.
    He is just a craftsman, but his handsome, politeness and knowledge made her flowers as soft as a soft trembling.
    Since then, she has become a frequent visitor to the jewelry shop. She will spend a whole day and sit next to him.
    holding his cheeks with his hands, with a smile in his eyes, and patiently watching him made a piece of gold as a beautiful ring, such as admiring the greatest performance in the world.
    This will not sleep for a few nights, the oil lamp is long and bright, and the eyebrows are hard under the light, just to hit a butterfly earrings she likes.
    . Their communication is natural and sweet, just like butterfly love flowers. There are butterflies where there are flowers.
    Is agreed that in this life, they must hold each other's hands and never abandon them.
    A noble lady, a poor boy.
    . She held his hand promised: "No one can separate us, I will show off with my family, you must believe me!"
    of course he believes in her The direction she left was looking at, hoping that her elegant figure would suddenly come to the end of the way, bringing him the joy of "death and life, and holding his hand".
    In day and after day, peach blossoms falling all over the place, but she never appeared again.
    It at this time, she is about to marry others.
    Is when she was holding the idea of ​​breaking with her family, she was unfortunately like the huge waves of the bow and slammed her head.
    The cruel war caused her family to decay overnight, and the family may be displaced.
    The only person who can save her family is a promising general.
    In instant, the fate puts the jack on her delicate shoulders. Is she fighting for feelings, happiness alone, or saving the family, sacrificing herself to become the whole family?
    In the end, she chose the latter.
    The wedding period has been determined, and the man handed over the task of creating a bride's wedding ring to his jewelry shop, and the boss gave him this major task.
    This heart broke into the catkins of the spring, and it fell in the air. Many times, the fate was unable to choose.
    It that is it, he can only pray silently, hoping that the person he has loved will be happy in his life.
    . He decided to create a unique ring for her, as if she was in his heart, it was always the only one.
    did not use the materials brought by the jewelry shop, but came up with all his savings and asked people to buy a 3 -carat color diamond from South Africa.
    Although it is not the biggest, it is pure and flawless. It is a rare treasure in diamonds, just like the pure and flawless feelings between him and her.
    creating a diamond ring for her has become the most important thing in his life.
    This thought of the two people getting along with each other, thinking about her smile, while paying attention to making diamond rings.
    The thought of her thoughts on her daisy is shining, often forgetting to eat and forgetting to sleep.
    In months later, the ring was finally formed. This full of affectionate rings has a beautiful appearance and eye -catching glory, which attracts many nobles to buy.
    but no matter how high they had, he shook his head resolutely.
    It is a pretty and extraordinary ring in outsiders, but he is always dissatisfied. There are countless pretty ring index in this world.
    This with a diamond ring, pondered every day, and studied at night.
    Occasionally, when he modified the silver ring for a civilian woman, he did not pay attention to burning his fingers by the burned silver ring ring. At the same time, the pain was unbearable, and he was pleasantly surprised to find that there was fingerprints on the silver ring, and he could no longer be erased.
    yes! Bring his fingerprint on her diamond ring, his love for her is unique, and his fingerprint is also unique.
    Six months later, the ideal diamond ring was finally completed. At this time, his hands were scarred, the eye sockets were deep, the shape was sold, and the head had white hair on his head.
    . When she was married as scheduled, when a pure and flawless, dazzling ring was held in front of her, her heart trembled. love of.
    . She picked up the ring and carefully, and sent a clear and complete fingerprint in the ring at this moment.
    looking at it, she suddenly burst into tears and kissed the ring affectionately.
    This is his fingerprint. Except for him, no one will endure the pain of scald and print the fingerprint on a small ring.
    It when he stretched his hands to the hot red ring, how painful it was!
    Since then, this diamond ring has become the most important thing in her life. She often sat in front of the floor -to -ceiling window and looked at the next half day, with a smile in her eyes, and her tears slowly filled with tears.
    Inadvertently, fate pushed another choice of opportunity to her.
    In years later, her husband sacrificed on the battlefield, and she became a martyr's widow.
    This time, she chose to live for herself. She rejected her family's arrangements and moved to thousands of miles. She decided to find the owner of the fingerprint diamond ring.
    In a "fingerprint ring -love because you are unique" jewelry shop, she finally met her lovers who were 30 years old.
    At this time, he was already white, and she was also beautiful. The only thing that remained unchanged was that the moment the four eyes looked at each other, the shadow of each other's eyes reflected each other.
    The unmarried life, after thirty years, how many days and nights, and finally waited for the goddess in his heart.
    This time, no strength can be separated. They must be like the fingerprints on the ring and never change their love for each other.
    . Her name is Weng Julie. His name is San Puler. They live in France in the 18th century. Their story makes more people believe in feelings.
    The fingerprint rings they produced have been circulating to this day, and many people in love will buy a fingerprint ring.
    Is your own feelings as unique as fingerprints, like fingerprints until you die.
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    to love you, you can do everything for you People do not have so many happiness at the moment of happiness, and when they lose, they feel that it is quite happy.
    The luckiest thing in my life: one is that time finally consumes my love for you; one is a long time ago, one day, I meet you.
    The boy is very careless, but the girl is very exciting for the boy.
    The girl loves rainy days and likes rain. Whenever the girl runs out of the umbrella, it is rain.
    The boy often wants to accompany her to get rain, but it is stopped by the girl.
    Is always asked with doubt: "Why don't you let me accompany you to rain?"
    It girl answered with a smile, "Because I'm afraid you will get sick!"
    Boys often ask her: "If the rain will get sick, why do you have to go to the rain?"
    But the girl always laughed without answering.
    In the end, the boy couldn't hold the girl and agreed her request.
    Because the boy is happy as long as the girl is happy.
    But the happy time is always not long. Boys like another girl, and they like her more than girls.
    one day when the boy and the girl were eating together, he made a request to break up, and the girl accepted silently.
    Because she knows the boy is like a wind, the wind will not stay for anyone.
    That night, the girl knew that this was the last time the boy gave her home, and she reluctantly said, "Usually you carry me, let me ride a motorcycle to take you!"
    The boy agreed with guilty and whispered, "I'm really sorry to disappoint you! But the moment of accompanying you to rain is my happiest time!"
    Sien girl sobbing after listening to listening The boy was holding her behind.
    The long time, the boy told the girl: "There is a question I want to ask you for a long time! Why don't you let me accompany you during the rain every time?" The girl said slowly: "Because I don't want you to find it ... I'm crying!"
    The motorcycles are getting faster and faster, and they have drove over speed. The boy thinks that the girl is venting in this way He was hesitant again, still posted in the girl's ear and said, "I know you are uncomfortable, but you should not make a joke with your life, slower it!"
    Once, you love me ... "
    This thought to the end to satisfy her again, and then said:" Okay ... I love you ... you can be slow now Did you come down? "
    In the girl heard this sentence as expected, and then said content:" Can you take off my helmet and put it on myself? It makes me feel uncomfortable and interfere with me. "
    The boy was puzzled, but he did it. When the boy just worn the helmet, a white car suddenly burst out in front of him. The girl directly hit the building on the roadside in order to avoid.
    The next day the boy woke up in the hospital, and the police told him: "The girl was died on the way to the hospital, and you wearing a helmet to survive. The main reason for this traffic accident was that the white car retrograde Super vehicle. In addition, we also checked your motorcycles that they would hit the building when the brakes were failed. "
    The boy tears in a moment of tears and fell into endless remorse. I know, I knew it for a long time ... "
    When a person loves someone alone, he is willing to give everything for him, even for the other person to die. What kind of feeling is this feeling? What about feelings?
    Is the biggest regret of life is the wrong thing that should not be persisted, and easily abandon that should not be given up ...
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