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  1. Shao Donghuang cauliflower: Shao Dong County has the reputation of "the hometown of yellow flowers". Because of its golden color and slender shape, it is also called "golden needle flower". Huanghua has both high nutritional value and a beautiful and elegant ornamental plant. Shao Dong produced is one of the eight major expensive vegetables in the country. According to the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the contents of protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, and riboflavin in Shandong Huanghua are higher than common vegetables such as tomatoes. According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica", Huanghua is beneficial to the effects of the chest, the five internal organs, the healthy stomach, and the light body. On the recipe, Huanghua is often used as soup and roasted meat, which tastes very delicious. The recipe of the mother is also indispensable for the two dishes of yellow flowers steamed catfish and yellow flowers stewed chicken. The lily is loved by breastfeeding women and middle -aged and elderly people. It is the best gift of people in Shaoyang, Hengyang and other places. Shao Dongyu bamboo tablets: Yuzhu, alias tail ginseng and withered, belongs to the lily family plant, and the dry meat of Odoratum Cmill Druce is rooted. It is a perennial herbaceous plant and is a large Chinese medicinal material. Yuzhu, which is used as a medicine, has a sweet taste, has the effects of nourishing yin and clearing heat, raw Jinjin cough and other effects. Indications, dry throat, dry cough, less phlegm, rheumatic cough, hot sweat, upset, fever, fever and thirst. It can also treat frequent urination, sweat, waist and knee pain, and diabetes. Modern science has proven that Yuzhu has the effects of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, improving myocardial ischemia, alleviating atherosclerotic spots, and has a good prevention and treatment effect on stroke diseases. Yulinxiang waist: Hengyang traditional dish. The vegetables are divided into seven layers, from the bottom to top: red dates, tiger eggs, slippery meat, pot roasted balls, yellow bird meat, fish balls, egg rolls, waist flowers. It can also be stamped with other dishes on the top. Gaihai Ginseng is called "sea cucumber waist", and Ganben is called "Yaozhu Fragrant waist". The cover of meat, pork liver, pig heart, etc., that is, ordinary pagoda incense waist. The bottom of the thing can also be due to people, due to the material conditions. Its characteristics are: beautiful shapes, colorful colors, salty and delicious, delicious and delicious. Jie brand porcelain: The junction of Hengyang and Hengshan counties in the southwest foothills of Hengshan, Nanyue, is rich in porcelain mud and is one of the three major porcelain mud bases in the country. Boundary porcelain has a history of more than 300 years. In the 22nd year of the Republic of China (1933), there were 119 porcelain factories, with an annual output value of 148,230 yuan (silver dollars). South China, Sichuan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The current brand ceramic factory has become one of the top ten porcelain factories in the country. There are many types of porcelain in the world, with about 900 types, mainly tableware and tea sets, divided into jade patterns and crescents. The four types of moon stars and double edges. The product is thin and uniformly like paper, pink as jade, thick and soft, and shaped hollow. Mid -range daily porcelain, craftsmanship, tourism and industrial porcelain, novel patterns, soft color, and excellent texture. Product marketing 68 countries and regions. Among them, the unique style of porcelain, white Ruyu, sound like a pan, as thin as paper, is called "the essence of Oriental Art" by foreign businessmen. Crescent tableware, won the second prize of the National Advanced Ceremony in 1982. Hengzhou Mo: Traditional famous ink. Produced in Hengzhou (now Hengyang). "Three Changwu Zhai" said, "The tobacco ink workshop in Hengyang City is full of emblem, but the clouds, Gui, Sichuan, and Guang are far away. Therefore, Hengshang dedicated its profit. "Nanyue unique crafts. It has a long history and is quite famous during the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. It is characterized by beautiful shapes, exquisite craftsmanship, and practicality. Based on different wood and wood color, the artist uses a variety of different types of carved knives to make different products, and then decorated slightly, or the characters, birds and beasts, or myths. The shape is realistic and lifelike. There are also imitation buildings, such as the ancient tower, Luohanmen tower, etc. There are more than 1,000 varieties. Car wood has wooden boxes, brown bowls, gourds, table lamps, bed columns, table columns, drum chess, abacus, toys, teaching and scientific research models, etc.; The main varieties of bamboo carvings include flower tube, tea cylinder, flower cylinder, rice tube, etc. With the development of the tourism industry, in order to meet the needs of tourists, Nanyue Town has built arts and crafts factories and produces thousands of car wood and bamboo carving crafts. Such as "National Lady" and "National Children", the image is vivid and realistic, and the shape shows a strong rustic atmosphere and national style. "Li Bai is drunk" and "Eight Immortals Plof the Sea", with very different personalities and exaggeration. The "Forest Band" gives various animals in the forest to make a leisurely interest, making the viewers unable to do it. Nanyue Guanyin bamboo shoot: Nanyue specialty flavor food. Nanyue Mountain is tall and more bamboo, and the temple palace on the mountain is more vegetarian. It is very particular about the production of bamboo shoots dishes. The most distinctive person is oil bamboo shoots. The vulgar Guanyin Niangniang's birthday (February 19th of the lunar calendar), pick a kind of tender, fat and small bamboo shoots in the mountains to wash it, cook it a little, take it out and dry it, soak and store tea oil and store and store it. The longer the time, the better the quality, the more fragrant the taste. The finished product is strip -like, forming a phoenix tail, the color is light butter, the flesh is tender, crispy and refreshing, and full of fragrance. Take it out when you eat, and add salt and pepper, which is extremely delicious. There are also salt water to boil. There are also those who are called "full of bamboo shoots". When the bamboo shoots are broken, they cover with the cylinder and press the stone. When the other bamboo shoots grow new leaves, the bamboo shoots grow full of the tank, white and tender and sweet, and can be fried as bamboo shoots. You can also cook the bamboo shoots, mix into mud, mixes ingredients, and make bamboo cakes and bamboo pieces, all have its own flavor. Nanyue Yan Goose: Nanyue special condiment. Wasted with Yan Goose Bacteria, hence the name. Nanyue Duoyi, the quality is the most quality. The geese was born in March and August of each year, when Hongyan moved to the north to fly to Yue Hengshan. The bacteria color is light brown, shaped like an umbrella -like, as small as copper, and it looks like a vegetable bowl. It is both loose meat and fat. It is used to regulate soup, roasted meat, and underneath. But the most chic food is to make bacteria. Take the fresh and unpredictable gooseceria, wash, and drain, and the tea is fried to all the water to evaporate. When it is cooled, the oil band of the cocooli is impregnated and stored, which can not deteriorate for several years. The finished product is orange -yellow, shaped like a copper buckle, elegant oil, crispy and tender meat, rich nutrition, sweet and delicious, and is known as Shanzhen.

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