5 thoughts on “We have played a knowledge competition here, I don’t know what to buy to make prizes

  1. There are many selectivity. The first prize can be a digital product, as mentioned upstairs, the second prize 100 yuan mobile phone charge card or Sohu 60cm big fox or QQ big penguin, very weight, this well -known enterprise The image of the image toy (large) is very effective in doing activities, and I have tried it! If you choose what I call toys, the award value of the third prize can be larger, exquisite, mouse or manual power generation, etc.

  2. It is best to be a digital product, which can be easily loved by everyone. I think the first prize can be used with a 1GU disk or something. The second prize can be a router or a U disk watch or something. The third prize can be a network card or computer radiator or something. Now it is needed. Ha ha

  3. Since it is a knowledge competition, you must choose prizes related to this, such as books, pens, stationery. The first prize can be a pen or a set of reference books; the second prize can be a set of learning books or resignation;

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