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  1. Western poems describing jewelry are relatively rare, and it is recommended to understand the verses of China describing jewelry.
    A verses of emerald:
    The pond water is cold, and the curtain is cold and emerald.
    浦 Lvpu, emerald Jinping.
    This snow is thin and sinking water, and the emerald plate is high.
    The dogwood inserted flowers should be longevity, and emerald dances. Saying that Tao Qian was drunk, he had to see this romance.
    In the spring light of the marshuma, the green grass is thick. Qi Luo was shocking emerald, and the dark powder was jealous of hibiscus.
    The thousands of drunk in Furong, and emerald rocks were idle half a day ago. The Jin Dynasty was not available, and Xie Gong was thrown to Dongshan.
    This nest double jadeite, supper on the purple magpie. If you know Ercao's heart, the tide can also be measured.
    The jade golden wrap, embroidered into a song and dancing clothes.

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