1 thought on “What are the modern poems that praise gold?

  1. First of all, to correct one point: I personally think that gold does not need to be praised. The real modern poets of ancient times will not praise the golden verse related to gold:
    1. "Point" Song Li Qingzhao
    rubbing the golden dots. Cut into a jasper layer. The spirit is like Yan Fu, and it is great.
    Meo Rui is very vulgar, cloves are bitter. Thousands of miles of dreams, but ruthless.
    2. In the sigh of Qin Zheng and Xiehong, Su Xian fluttered. Turn into Jiao Ying to fly back, and I still recognize the old screen of the screen. It was over rain and peaches. This hate is difficult to know if it is like Qiongtai and the Bitter Bitter. During the thin shadow, it is suspected of clearing the candle.玉. Ask Fangzhang, when to show again, Cui Yan is difficult. Wait for the palace eyebrows horizontal clouds to describe the raw frame. I'm afraid it's not, the new makeup beam. The red teeth of the color fan are here today, hate no one, and solve the Kaiyuan song. Hold the sleeve, lean on the cold bamboo.
    3. More blows, stars like rain. BMW carved car. Feng Xiao sounded, the jade pot turned light, and the fish dragon dance overnight. Moth's snow willow golden beam. Laughing Yingying Dark Somber. People look for him thousands of Baidu. Suddenly looking back, the man was there, and the lights were in the mountains.
    4. "Not the Future Fu Chrysanthemum" Tang Huangchao
    . After the autumn of September 8th, I would kill it after it bloomed. Chongtian incense is through Chang'an, and the city is full of golden armor.
    5. Three -sided golden armor, Shan Yu bile back.
    Ancient poetry network: so.gushiwen/search.aspx? Type = Title

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