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  1. 1. Zanhuang Golden Dates
    The Zanhuang Ji Jiao has the characteristics of large, thin skin, thick meat, long brushes, and high sugar. Red "," Huangzhen "trademark. Zanhuang County jujube planting area reached 450,000 acres, with an annual output of 40 million kilograms. In 2001, the county was named "the Hometown of Zanhuang Jujube in China" by the county.
    2, the Tang Dynasty jujube
    The dates for the Tang Dynasty have a long history and a long history. It has a history of 3,000 years. The planting area has reached 600,000 acres, with an annual output of 70 million kg and an annual output value of 120 million yuan. It has developed into a major advantageous industry and industry in the Tang Dynasty, becoming an important source of economic sources for people's income in the mountains.
    3, Zhaozhou Syroda
    The comparison between Zhaozhou Sydney pear and other varieties of pears, which has the following characteristics. First, the maturity period is early. It is usually about one month than Tianjin Yali. The second is a large and high output. There are more than 500 grams of the big one, and each tree produces more than 500 kilograms per year.
    4, Jinfeng steak chicken
    The earlier starting to start in 1908. It adopts a unique manufacturing process, uses honey to fry the chickens, and cooks with the old soup of the Chinese medicine secret recipe. With certain pharmacological effects and health effects, in the early 1980s, the operators of the Majia chicken designed "Jinfeng" as a trademark, and officially registered the trademark of the golden phoenix steak chicken in 1984.
    5, Jinzhou Yali
    Jinzhou Yali, specialty products of Jinzhou City, Hebei Province, China National Geographic Mark Product. In addition to the long history of cultivation and the large area of ​​pear fruit, the quality of pear fruit is also a must. Jinzhou Yali fruit is named after oval, and it is named after the fruit stalk -shaped like a duck head.
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  2. 1. Zanhuang Golden Dates
    2, Zhao County Spring Pear, also known as "ivory pear". Produced in Zhaoxian County, Hebei
    3, Pingshan Mian Walnut is a special product of Pingshan County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

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