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  1. Silver jewelry processing. If you have the theme development. First of all, you must make a design draft, after determining it, and the first time you make a sample for customers to confirm. After confirmation, make big goods.
    In the sample confirmation, use the silver version of the previously made silver version as a glue film, go to the factory to pour the mold, and then send it to the mold (the stones need to be inlaid with stones), send electroplating and shipment.

  2. I. Jewelry processing process
    1. Design drawings: The designer draws the original manuscript by hand -drawn, painting and other methods.
    2. Handmade carving wax edition (CAD computer edition) (Edition/Personal Edition): The manual master carved the designed manuscript into a wax board by manual carving, or the CAD computer draws the design drawing 3D construction 3D construction. The mold prints the wax mold and makes the wax plate.
    3. The wax plate is made of silver version/steel version: For jewelry for large quantities, the wax board needs to be made into a silver or steel version.
    4. Pressure mold: For production orders for large -scale demand, wax molds need to be pressed into silicone molds that are lost through silver or steel versions to facilitate "cloning" more wax molds.
    5. Wax: Inject waxes into the glue, form a wax mold after cooling, and make more wax molds.
    6. Wax repair/wax inlaid: After waxing, repair the wax molds with problems, or some accessories need to be inlaid in advance on the wax mold.
    7. Installation: Pystone tree, plaster, baking gypsum, casting, gypsum mold frying, cleaning gold tree (soaking for 10 minutes in 30%hydrofluoric acid), shear casting
    8. Models: The molding process has the processing method of the water port (锉 锉 模 模), and the sandpaper (smoothing the surface of the product). After the model is performed, the semi -finished product needs to be conducted for a second quality inspection and selected for production.
    9. Following: polish the product (quality inspection of semi -finished products).
    10. assembly: (with stone/inlay/laser welding)
    11. Electroplating: precious metals of different colors and thickness according to customer requirements.
    12. Integrated quality inspection
    13. Packaging shipments: divided into two types of packaging, one is simple packaging of OPP, and the other is gift packaging.

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