2 thoughts on “What jewelry is good in summer?”

  1. Precautions for wearing jewelry in summer:
    1. If you wear jewelry in long -term summer in summer, you must clean and disinfection regularly.
    2. Try to wear jewelry such as pure silver and natural treasure jade as much as possible, while wearing alloy, K gold, gold -plated silver plating and other accessories.
    3. When doing exercise, bathing, and sleeping, it is best to remove the necklaces and earrings and other accessories to prevent the invasion of jewelry such as sweat.
    4. The skin is more exposed in summer. It is best not to wear sharp jewelry to avoid accidental scratches.
    5. The emerald is afraid of high temperature. After roasting, it will cause the jadeite to lose the moist water, make it dry, and the color will become lighter. Therefore, go to the place where Rizhao is strong and avoid excessive sunlight to directly illuminate the jadeite jewelry.
    6. Try not to wear diamond rings in and out of cold storage, bathrooms and other places, because such a cold and hot environment will affect the firmness of the diamond inlaid, and may even make the diamond loosen off.

  2. Wearing jewelry in summer, be sure to choose amethyst! Summer is the most suitable season for wearing jewelry, because there are more bare parts, both necklaces, bracelets, rings, or earrings can be displayed. But among so many jewelry, the jewelry that is most suitable for summer is non -crystal.

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