2 thoughts on “What routines do I need to understand in Shenzhen Gold Recycling?

  1. There are many routines in Shenzhen Gold Recycling. You need to pay attention to these matters when recycling:

    The gold price includes: gold raw material price (equivalent to international gold price) packaging fee processing fee gold shop profit ( These expenses cannot be recovered when rents, labor, brands, taxes and other expenses) are recovered!

    . The recovery price is only the value of gold itself, that is, the raw material price, which can also be called the international gold price, and the international gold price is changing every day. And change!

    In two minutes to read the following text carefully, you can avoid losing money!

    This customers sell gold jewelry for the first time. I do n’t know how to sell it, and I do n’t know how to prevent being deceived. We will give you a science. The price is determined, the price is different every day. It is not that anyone who says it. Gold is different from the stock. No one can control the international market! But ... there are shady!

    This recycling stores do the business of pit people, because the customer does not understand, just open the price, the customer calls over, and the price of the report is very high. For example, the international gold price 256, he will report to you 285, 292, 316! If you do n’t have an invoice and do n’t know the weight, it ’s the first time to sell it, and he dares to report it to you 350. Wasting your time and wasting your fare!

    Copic cheating means! Don't look at the regret! Have been deceived!

    1. Eight two scales: your 10 grams of gold jewelry, it is 8 grams to them, black heart! This is a scam!

    2. There is wear: Your jewelry band has been for too long, and the wear is powerful, so it will be 2 grams less! This is a scam!

    3. Favorite impurities: Your jewelry purity problem, there are other metals, you need to deduct 20 yuan per gram! This is a scam!

    4. Fee fee: Your jewelry has no invoice, it is troublesome to collect it, you need to charge 200 yuan handling fee! This is a scam!

    5, Wang Shui stealing gold: Is there an invoice? Do you know that you will not be deceived? Wrong! Wang Shui stole gold, 80%of the recycling stores are doing it!

    does not know? Intersection Go to Baidu by yourself: Wang Shui steal gold! Death to reveal the inside story of the industry! Everyone must be careful! Don't be deceived again! The quotation on the phone is high, and you can't get those money at all! Please adopt, thank you!

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