Where can I recycle gold in Shanghai?

When I was married, my relatives and friends sent various fragmented jewelry. The workmanship is generally not suitable now, and it is useless to keep it.

2 thoughts on “Where can I recycle gold in Shanghai?

  1. There are many ways to recycle gold now. Benkens and gold shops will recycle gold. Recycling. Generally, large -scale recycling agencies are detected at the door, which is free from the trouble of running legs. Moreover, large recycling companies are online and offline. Hope to adopt, thank you

  2. There are many places to collect such things in gold, and everything can be collected ... now it is very cost -effective. The price of gold has risen a lot at the beginning of this year. Yangzi can receive these, usually recycling tables, which are included, and they also receive gold, but the price is quite formal, which is calculated according to the real -time report of the Gold Exchange ... I think this should be lost. No, please adopt it, please adopt it ~ (づ  ̄3 ̄) づ ╭ ╭ ╭ ╭ ╭ ╭ ╭ ╭ ╭

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