Which jewelry do you think is not recommended to buy?

5 thoughts on “Which jewelry do you think is not recommended to buy?”

  1. Large pearl necklaces are not recommended to buy. For this overall large pearl pearl necklace, most people can't hold it. According to the current fashion trend, this large pearl necklace is also outdated in the fashion circle. Jewelry jewelry is too exaggerated and vulgar. No matter what style of people, wearing this jewelry of this jewelry will make themselves look particularly swollen and fat, making the value look low. The first impression of people has become bad. I don't recommend buying this.

  2. I think the bun is a jewelry that is not recommended to buy, because few people now use their buns daily. Therefore, after buying this kind of jewelry, most of them are just placed in the jewelry box, and there are few places to be used. So he feels that he is particularly not worth buying, and he does not mean what he should have.

  3. I don't recommend buying a bracelet. Although it looks good, we have a little bit of daily life in my hand. Some exaggerated earrings or rings are not recommended to buy. If you don't want to highlight the trendy personality, it is recommended to buy those delicate and noble jewelry. Small vendors and attractions are not recommended to buy, and there are too many counterfeit products.

  4. I think jewelry jewelry is actually the least recommended to buy, because bracelets originally worn in their hands to block daily life, especially jewelry, jewelry, sometimes worn on the bracelet Crash may fall easily, which will add a lot of money to a lot of money.

  5. I don't recommend buying buns, because there are few people who often wear and makeup, so it may not be particularly commonly used. I don’t recommend buying too much rings because a person has a ring on the hand. , But if you bring too much, you feel particularly cumbersome, but you lose the beauty and charm of wearing jewelry jewelry, and I suggest that you buy jewelry, you must combine your own actuality, instead of a moment of likes.

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