Which style of gold pendant is suitable for daughter -in -law?

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  1. 1. If we give my wife a golden button pendant, then it means that he wants his wife to live a hundred years old. Different gold pendants represent different good wishes, and gold represents very auspicious beauty. In the traditional wedding of our country, the gold buttons are necessary, implying the multi -son and grandson. And some people make the golden button into the style of the gold necklace, which represents people's expectations for life.

    2. The outer ring of the gold button is round, which symbolizes the chaos of the vast world, and the inner circle is also round. It symbolizes the inner Pingning and Anyuan, and the round shape means "happiness". Therefore, when you choose to give gifts, you can also choose a golden button pendant, and the gifts will like it very much.

    Is the golden button pendant, okay

    It can be given, preferably to those closer to themselves, of which gives your wife, mother, and girlfriend are the most suitable.

    What is the discoloration of the gold pendant

    In the staff of the quality supervision and inspection station of the gold and silver jewelry, gold jewelry will change color, mainly because gold mercury contains gold and mercury It is a alloy formed by mercury and gold, and the color is white. Although the nature of gold is relatively stable, it will produce chemical reactions once it encounters mercury, lead and other elements. The white golden mercury is attached to the gold jewelry, and it feels like the gold jewelry fades.

    Especially in summer, the surface of gold jewelry is particularly white. The chemical properties of gold are very stable, but chemical reactions will occur after mercury, forming white substances on the surface, but this is normal. This substance is non -toxic. There are more and more daily necessities that people are in contact with. Some cosmetics contain trace mercury. When using cosmetics, accidentally encounter gold jewelry, and the jewelry will turn white.

    How to fade the golden pendant

    The cosmetics contain some fine hard particles, which can form another type of dirt and wear gold jewelry. The regional environmental factors may also make gold jewelry lose their bright color. For example: dry areas, the air contains a lot of fine dust. After the human body is contaminated, it will form a "human sandpaper". It can wear gold jewelry to erode extremely fine debris and local black stains. It is worth mentioning that the refreshing powder or moisturizing cream also contains similar particles, which will also make gold jewelry barely like the above.

    How to distinguish the authenticity of the golden pendant

    The simple treatment method is to use the fire to burn, and then wipe it to restore the golden yellow. In this case, most of them are real gold. However, you need high temperature to remove the surface material, so it is recommended to go to the jewelry shop to bake fire by professional instruments. Do not bake at home. "Of course, the most authoritative way is to go to professional institutions to identify it.

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