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  1. Yunnan is worth buying special products
    Now people go out to travel, they are always used to bringing some local specialties to go back, some are to make a memorial, some are to give friends and relatives a gift. Next, I have compiled the specialties worth buying in Yunnan. Let's take a look.
    . Flower cake
    has a strange among the nineteen monsters in Yunnan, that is, the flowers are selling. Because of the undefeated flowers in the four seasons throughout Yunnan, Kunming is also known as the world's flowers. It is said that the flowers traded in Dounan Flower Trading Market every year reached more than 10 billion yuan, with a year output value of nearly 50 billion yuan. Yunnan people also adapt to local conditions and make flowers into food. Among them, the most famous is flower cakes. It is a crispy cake with unique edible roses in Yunnan. It is also the most distinctive representative of Yunnan.
    . Pu'er tea
    This Chinese tea culture has a long history, and tea has been loved for thousands of years. Tea raising people also contains many wisdom of life. Among the many tea brands, Pu'er tea is called "importance antiques". The color is brownish red, the soup is red and bright, with a special Chen Xiang, so "more Chen Chen" is the biggest characteristics of Pu'er tea different from other tea. Unlike other tea expensive, Pu'er tea It is expensive in "Chen", so Pu'er tea has high value whether it is self -drinking or investing.
    . Xuanwei ham
    Xuanwei ham is produced in Xuanwei County, Yunnan. The main features are like pipa, only large bones and small, thin skin and thickness and thinness; Good quality, because of its unique marinating method, is enough to represent Yunnan ham, so it is often called "cloud legs". In Xuanwei, there is also a very famous Xuanwei pig rice (Yunnan Local New Year's Day, and the rural areas were popular in the countryside. In the New Year, the scene was specially cooked for guests, and the scene was harmonious).
    four, Wenshan Sanqi
    three seven as a precious Chinese medicinal material, which has magical effects such as promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, swelling and pain, and tonic. "Gold does not change" is enough to witness the value of Sanqi. Yunnan is mainly based on Wenshan Prefecture, and Wenshan is also the main origin and origin of the three seven of the country. It is known as the "hometown of China", and the quality and yield are ranked first in the country.
    . Zhaotong Gastrodia
    "tonic medicine, Gastrodia first", and namurai sciences all the scholars of the past have taken Gastrodia as "upper products", which has sedative, analgesic, and nourishing effects. Zhaotong Gastrodia is famous for its large, thick, transparent, and the highest content of Gastrodine. The derived Gastrodiacake chicken is also a delicious supplement.
    6. Jianshui Purple Ceramics
    Curaka purple pottery is a folk traditional crafts in Jianshui County, Yunnan Province. The intensity is strong, the surface is rich in metal texture, and the sound of gold and stones is rumored. The production of pottery has been produced since the end of the Song Dynasty. It has been built with a history of more than 900 years. Pay attention to precise work, integrate practicality and ornamental.
    7. Dali dyeing
    Dali Bai Tie dyeing materials are widely used. It is more common with Dali's mountains and rivers as creative materials. Myths and legends, or ethnic style, or flowers, birds, fish and insects, are funny and full of attitude.
    8. Jianchuan woodcarving
    Jianchuan is located in Dali, Yunnan. It is known as the "Bai Treasure Treasure Treasure Treasure", and it also bred "Jianchuan Wood Carving" with strong local national characteristics. The biggest feature of Jianchuan Woodcarving is that the essence of various wood carvings is fine and sophisticated, and the essence of various wood carvings is the beautiful and elegant, hard and flexible, anti -corrosion, non -deformation, and reproduces excellent national woodcarving art. Today, technology and information exchanges have become increasingly rapid and frequent. Jianchuan woodcarving and other woodcarving flows also communicate with each other. The regional style between woodcarving has gradually narrowed, but Jianchuan Wood Carving still has his unique side.

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