Do black holes always have white holes? White caves for time travel?

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​Is the White Cave the key to time travel? Do white caves actually exist?

Do black holes always have white holes? White caves for time travel?

Exists in the universe black hole, it is an undisputed fact, however, scientists believe that there is a black hole, so there may be an object there are opposite, that is a white hole, possibly the universe may be in a similar way to start, the universe is filled with material from a very special objects, and a white hole can spray material, And fill the universe with everything we see today. Some scientists believe that white holes may exist.39bet-xì dách-phỏm miền bắc-tiến lên miền bắc-xóc đĩa-game bắn cá

f93cad874a8f14bae8fac97202d1f2bbWhite hole is the opposite of a black hole, we are familiar with black holes, this is a kind of even light can escape the super dense objects, they are born from the material of extreme-mass stars, such as supernova explosions, they appeared in numerous science fiction and film, such as star trek "and" star trek ", but, scientists believe they have a twin brother in theory, It's called a white hole that exhibits the opposite behavior of a black hole. In fact, they're commonly called black hole time reversals because they share so numerous of the same physical properties, but essentially run in opposite directions to each other. Likewise, nothing can escape the black hole's gravity, but matter can't fall into the white hole, they simply spit it out.

But scientists haven't found white holes yet, and that's one of the main reasons they're so difficult to study. So far, they're entirely theoretical, because they've never been found in the universe, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Famous theories in physics, such as Einstein's general theory of relativity, initially predicted the existence of black holes and gave a description, but did not provide enough information about the conditions that might give rise to them. Even with modern technology, these black holes are difficult to detect. It was only two years ago that scientists were able to take the first pictures of a black hole. Some theories that try to explain black holes point out that white holes have a extremely short life span, possibly even a few seconds, and that they appear to eject their matter into the black hole.

But no matter how badly scientists tried to find it, nothing came of it. And there's no widely accepted theory about what a white hole is. One group of scientists thinks the white hole is simply one side of a wormhole connected to the black hole at the other end, which could mean that the material we detect falls into the black hole, and that falling material eventually gets ejected out of the white hole. If this is true, could we use these objects to travel at impossible speeds between two distant points? Or could we eventually use them to travel to other universes?

To put it bluntly, white holes are only speculation based on the existence of black holes. Scientists hypothesize that only one white hole existed in our universe, and its birth and death were short-lived. Scientists claimed that the big bang is controlled by a sudden and spit out all the material of the white hole, before we know the universe is full of substance, on its body, a white hole can also be understanding of our universe is the key to how to begin to swell, and what may exist in the distant future, if scientists are able to prove the existence of these objects and be able to understand their function, Possibly mankind will reach a different level!

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