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I want to give me a little gift I like a small gift. I do n’t know what is good. The main thing is that it is meaningful. It is best to make handmade (not too vulgar) I want specific items and ideas. Thank you for the best ...

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  1. Let me tell you two kinds of ideas I have given:
    1. If the time is long, buy a large bouquet of roses. Of course, it is not for you to send it directly, but take it home by yourself, pick the petals one by one, pick the petals one by one. Go down and pinch it to a thick book, it is best to be a dictionary. Note that the petals are curved, try not to break, and then take it out after a while, throw out the damaged and not good -looking one, leave the best -looking one, buy a delicate small box, install it to install it, It is very meaningful to give her, and it is made at first glance. I used heart -shaped wooden boxes at the time, don't be too big, otherwise there are a lot of petals.
    2. If you do n’t have enough time, you can buy a handmade bear. Girls like pumaging, especially Teddy Bear. In order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, I will not send you a link. You can enter the "DIY Bear" directly in Taobao. The first and second one searched out is pretty good, or you can find other DIY manual yourself. Essence The disadvantage of this is time -consuming trouble. The DIY bear production bag has materials and sewing instructions. It is not difficult to be difficult, that is, you need to be a little bit sewing and spend your energy, but it is very beautiful after doing it.
    This is my own experience. Pure hands, no copy, if you feel good, take me o (∩_∩) o ~

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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer method/step is to read 1/6 step by step to take a piece of square card paper to fold it. 2/6 cut the surroundings with scissors into an arc shape. 3/6 Cut a loving shape in the middle of the above side. 4/6 and then take another color of origami to cut out the same love shape as the cover of the cover, and paste it under the corresponding correspondence. 5/6 write contact information or blessings on purple love. 6/6 and then paste it, just put on the rope on it, so that the anti -lost small pendant will be made.

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