How to get from Dao Zhejiang Yiwu small commodity wholesale market

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I got out of the car from Wuhan to Yiwu, and then my destination was the wholesale market of Yiwu commodity. For the first time, I did n’t know how to go. Please know how to help someone help me. The younger brother thanked him here. Mainly how to go to the small commodity wholesale market from Yiwu train station.

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  1. After you get off the train, come out and do bus 801 next to the square. If it is about 30 yuan.

    The urban line
    (New Railway Station 6: 30--17: 20 7: 10--18: 00)
    r The N bus is 12.6 kilometers long, and a total of 10 buss are launched in the early stage. The first bus time of the new passenger station was 6:30, and the last bus was 17:20; the first bus of the International Trade City was 7:10 and the last bus was 18:00. The interval is 8 to 16 minutes, and the one -way running time is 40 minutes.

    1. International Business City (Phase II Parking Lot) —2. International Trade City H District (East) —3. International Trade City (East) -4. —6. Phase I of International Business City -7. Temporary stop -8. Zhenghua Decoration Company (under Futian Temple) -9. Third People's Hospital -10. Provincial Building Materials Technical School — 11. 13. Temporary stop point -14. International Business School (Xin Gazeba) -15. Shanghong -16. Du Yuan -17. House Middle School -21.

  2. Generally, the new commodity city in other places should be the international business city, and it is also from the Futian market. The third issue, and then the Bin King Market is mainly a non -staple food to move to the farmer city, and then it is the food and fruits market of the farmer city. First of all, you are sure what business you are doing. Southern Union, take another way to take 11 roads to the farmer city

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