2 thoughts on “I would like to ask if the bank will collect gold?

  1. When applying for a gold repurchase business, it must bring the original valid ID of the personal ID, and also bring the original purchase documents, invoices and other information.

    The number on the sales voucher must be consistent with the gold bars number to be repurchased. The packaging of physical gold should be intact. Gold must not have scratches or damage. If it is damaged in gold, it will not be realized.
    Generally, when the bank is processed, only the gold bars that their banks will be released. As for the gold purchased by investors in shopping malls and gold shops, they will not repurchase.
    Blip banks only recycle the gold bars produced and sold by themselves. Buying gold bars is also best to buy at a bank, and reserving the receipt is the basis for the realization of the highest price.

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