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  1. The gold bracelet can't take it with it.
    In long -term month and night, wearing the ring on the hand regardless of the day and night, the fingers will become numb, vulgar, and pain. If it is not taken off in time, it will affect blood circulation and even local necrosis.
    The ring on your hand is worn for a long time. The skin under the ring is difficult to clean. It is a place where the bacteria and viruses reproduce and breed, and the pathogenic microorganisms will be transmitted. Especially doctors, nurses, dietary service staff, etc., after wearing a ring for a long time, will cause the skin under the ring to breed bacteria, which will cause some harm to themselves and the service objects.
    The elderly with the kidneys, liver, and heart disease are prone to swelling, and it is more likely to occur in the ring card. Therefore, it is best to take the ring before going to bed to avoid risks.
    The method of correcting the ring:

    The ring is best to wear and pick it. In addition to gaining weight, as the age increases, the interstitial joints may also proliferate, deform and hypertrophic. When the bones of the fingers become thicker, wearing a suitable ring will be relatively tight and unable to remove it before. Over time, the fingers will swell due to the poor blood flow.
    The elderly people feel that the ring is relatively loose. In order to prevent it from slipping, it is wrapped with red lines to make it worn tighter. Because in the process of joint aging, the osteosure will become thicker, and the cartilage will proliferate. It is not uncommon for the sudden swelling of fingers overnight.
    Once edema occurs, your fingers will be injured by the ring. Therefore, it is recommended to wear the ring and pick it up. If it is difficult to wear it, it should not be worn again.
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  2. Is it okay to wear it if you wear the gold bracelet? It takes time to wear it every time? The gold necklace can be worn all the time. However, it is not recommended to do this, after all, bathing and other corrosion of the gold necklace. The simple methods of daily maintenance gold jewelry are the following:
    1. Regularly clean the gold jewelry. It can ensure the best gloss and more lasting. Use jewelery cleaner, or immerse the jewelry in a solution of soap and drilling, and then gently wipe it with a soft cloth.
    2. There are scratches visible to the naked eye. Please go to the jewelry dealer for polishing. All valuable metals may leave scratches, and gold is no exception. Natural oxide layers will appear on the surface of the gold, so many people may prefer the surface that has just been polished. If this happens, bring your gold jewelry to the jewelry dealer and let them re -polish it for it to produce a bright effect.
    3, do not wear gold jewelry when conducting a heavy or physical activity such as housework and other types of cleansing. Because when wearing gold jewelry, it is easy to contact bleach or irritating chemicals. Although they do not harm gold, chemicals may change the color of gems.
    Extended information:
    Themids to clean the dust and dirt of gold jewelry. The easiest way is to dip some hot water with hot water and gently wash it. Wipe water and water -free alcohol, but do not use wear particles to be scrubbed to avoid reducing the weight of the gold and causing losses.
    In the warm water first, then add 200 ml of ice acetic acid to make the water solution, then put the gold jewelry into this cleaning solution for 10 minutes, then wash it with a brush, and then rinse it with clean water.

  3. Yes, as long as you feel that you don't start to sleep. Essence But gold and silver jewelry is recommended to take it off during a bath. Even if a stable metal will be aerobic,
    It, pay attention to whether your gold bracelet is easy to deform. If it is not easy to deform

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