5 thoughts on “Wang Feng took his daughter to visit Zhang Ziyi, but the focus of the audience was to wake up and touch Xu Zheng's bald head! Why?”

  1. In the program I'm an actor, you can often see Wang Feng's figure. Of course, he's not transforming into an actor, but visiting Zhang Ziyi. Both of them have always had the habit of visiting each other's classes, and they also repeatedly give sugar to the audience

    Zhang Ziyi now has a good harvest in both love and work. she not only acts as a mentor in the program, but also has a beloved daughter to wake up. When Wang Feng visits the class, Zi Yi often takes her to wake up. the three members of the family are happy every time they meet, which shows how sweet their married days are

    Wang Feng took his daughter to wake up and visit the shift

    In the first episode of the program, Zhang Ziyi and Liu Ye quarreled loudly. Zhang Ziyi cried against the actors. This season, she is still in full swing. However, from the first season to the second season, we will see Zhang Ziyi , who is very warm and kind. Every time she shows her maternal love, it is when her daughter wakes up to visit the class. In the first program, Wang Feng woke up and went to work. Every time the family was in the same frame, it was very beautiful

    in the latest program of the second season, Wang Feng took his daughter Xingxing to visit the class again. this time, he even went directly from the backstage to the stage, so that Xingxing and the audience had a close touch when Zhang Ziyi was playing, Wang Feng was completely proud, as if he could not help telling us that this one on stage was my daughter-in-law

    Xingxing touched Xu Zheng's bald head

    and when Zhang Ziyi appeared on the tutor's chair, Xingxing also came over. under the guidance of Zhang Ziyi, Xingxing seemed very calm and waved to the audience from time to time. Not to mention the audience, even other instructors can't equal the love of waking up at the same time, there was a dramatic scene on the stage. Xu Zheng generously asked me to wake up and touch my bald head, which was completely the appearance of a kind uncle. Zhang Ziyi's sentence "touch my bald head" instantly caused laughter in the audience

    Wang Feng is a master of showing love

    This is not the first time for Wang Feng to visit the class. Wang Feng is a master of showing love. He often comes to Zhang Ziyi to play, let alone visit the class. When I am an actor performed the book Beijing love story, he also used Wang Feng's song . When Zhang Guoli said that Zhang Ziyi heard Wang Feng's song, did he sigh

    Zhang Ziyi said that she did not sigh, but was more moved by the story of this book. it was amazing that every actor played with great care, especially fan Tiantian's performance exceeded expectations. I thought you could not play, but your acting skills were good and Sun Jian, who didn't recognize him at first, is the birth of a good actor

  2. After Zhang Ziyi started construction in many aspects, her body shape and condition were repaired very well. Like when she had no second child, this repair speed was also very fast. A few days ago, Zhang Ziyi also took a fashion photo, and then took a cover photo of the trend, but the most talked about by everyone is probably the jewelry that Zhang Ziyi wore when she took a fashion photo at that time! The use value is 500 million! This data information has been full of blood for a long time, and I feel very protective of my eyesight at a glance

    Wang Feng Zhang Ziyi

    fashion photo cover photo Zhang Ziyi is wearing a white self-cultivation body and mind skirt. Her temperament is fresh and elegant, and her elegant temperament is elegant. The blouse and coat with the belly pocket design concept highlight the charming and moving style. It is very likely that simple clothing is to better set off the diamond decorations on her body! This oversized bright earring eardrop is too heavy, and it will hurt your ears if you want to come. The ornament necklaces and diamond rings are all inlaid with gold, and the middle is inlaid with blue gemstones and white crystals. The use value is 500 million yuan, which is already a high price! There are really not many female stars who can wear this set of jewelry to take photos of fashion

    before, Chen Yanxi wore a set of dark blue gem ornaments with a use value of more than 300 million yuan. At that time, she felt that the price was simply not acceptable to ordinary people. How can a set of ornaments have such use value? Seeing that Zhang Ziyi wears ornaments worth 500 million yuan, Chen Yanxi's set is worth more than 300 million yuan. It seems that they are all rich businessmen

    Wang Feng posted the news on the social media online platform. It turns out that this time he brought his daughter to visit Zhang Ziyi. Is it another show of love? That day, I woke up and asked my mother what long dress you chose! It's beautiful. The little girl's mouth is too sweet. The one who coaxed her mother was happy. Zhang Ziyi was really pretty in a white strapless dress

    Wang Feng is becoming more and more a cool man, massaging Zhang Ziyi's shoulders. She is looked down upon by her daughter-in-law. Zhang Ziyi thought that she had to wake up to visit her shift. Wake up wearing a red cherry flower dress, a very cute little princess, with a lovely braid, lively, cheerful and durable! It can be seen that Zhang Ziyi's fingernails are especially growing, and she is a little worried about touching her daughter. It really hurts to prick them

    The jewelry

    is more extravagant. Zhang Ziyi also let me wake up and have a look at the diamond jewelry with a use value of 500 million yuan. It is very likely that Xingbao is too small and can only master appreciation. Holding the neck chain in the palm of your hand, you can look calm and calm. If you were an adult, you might have been excited for a long time! Wang Feng's face was happy. His father's face was painted with seven colors of rainbow smile, and the corner lines of his eyes were squeezed

    however, when Zhang Ziyi asked why wakebao's mother loved him, she should tell him that the baby's eyes were not calm for a second, and he immediately ran to his father to make Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi happy! I have no choice but to admit that Xingbao is really very alert. It's very pleasing. Zhang Ziyi was also made to laugh by her daughter. The gentle and elegant temperament of the Internet celebrity goddess immediately became more and more lively and optimistic, like a pure girl

    on that day, Zhang Ziyi was wearing a white strapless dress, which should be a fashion photo waiting to be photographed. The temperament was elegant and the air was charming. The temperament of the white small suit and shawl was cleaner and more stable. The standing tall ponytail improves the temperament, makes the facial features more platform like, and shows youth. The expected effect is very good! It is suitable for Zhang Ziyi's platform style and high-grade facial features, while Wang Feng wears a white T-shirt and jeans pants to visit the class. The product modeling design of the photos taken by the two people is very matching

    on that day, Wang Feng did not shy from kissing Zhang Ziyi at all. The husband and wife were very sticky, and Zhang Ziyi also showed a lively, cheerful and disgusting expression. Young girls felt full of people and looked like children


    Wang Feng brought her daughter to the column to visit Zhang Ziyi. It seems that she was attracted by Zhang Ziyi's excellent performance on the stage. Husband Wang Feng pouted and smiled at his daughter-in-law

    Zhang Ziyi leads Xing Xing to the entertainment program. Xing holds her mother in one small hand and waves to the audience with the other two hands to remind her. Fans at the scene are beautified in an instant. Netizens have strong reactions: "Xing Xing, seeing so many people at a young age at once but not paying attention to their state of anxiety, deserves to be Zhang Ziyi's daughter." Zhang Ziyi is also very civilized and polite when she explains her thanks to her fans to the audience

    Xingxing also played with Xu Zheng and touched Xu Zheng's film bald head with both hands, while Zhang Ziyi bent down to cooperate with her daughter. The page is very happy

  3. In the program "I'm an actor", you can often see Wang Feng's figure. Of course, he's not transforming into an actor, but visiting Zhang Ziyi. The two of them have the habit of visiting each other's classes constantly, and they also frequently sprinkle sugar on the audience. Zhang Ziyi can be said to have a love career in the past. He not only acts as a mentor in the program, but also has a beloved daughter. Wake up. When Wang Feng visits the class, Ziyi often takes her to wake up, The three members of the family are happy every time they meet, which shows how sweet their married life is

    maybe it's because Wang Feng has come to visit the class many times. Before the latest recording, the three tutors were all waiting in place. When Xu Zheng met Zhang Ziyi, he joked: "is Xiao Wang here?" Zhang Ziyi smiled happily as soon as she heard it. It seemed that she had been guessed. Wang Feng was staying behind the scenes. This time, she also brought her daughter

  4. Because when Wang Feng took his daughter to visit Zhang Ziyi, Wang Feng's daughter saw the special light on director Xu Zheng's head. She felt it was very funny and touched Xu Zheng's head. Then everyone thought it was very interesting, so the focus of the whole audience was to wake up and touch Xu Zheng's bald head.

  5. It's because waking up is very cute and touching Xu Zheng's hair makes people feel very funny, and the character of waking up love's cartoon is also a bald head.

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