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  1. What kind of category of selling headwear ear necklace is the business license? According to the "Classification of the National Economic Industry", the scope of the jewelry store can be written: jewelry, jewelry retail, jewelry and related items.
    The jewelry industry is an emerging industry formed from the jewelry of jewelry and craft gift industry. With the development of the economy and society, people have begun to pursue fashion and personality while meeting the basic needs of life, which has promoted the development of this emerging industry.
    The expansion data
    Category of jewelry — Classification of Jewelry → Material Classification
    (1) Metal category
    1, precious metal:
    a 14K, 10K, 9K, 8K;
    b, platinum: PT999, PT990, PT950, PT900, PT850, PT750;
    c, silver: sterling silver, silver (925). rn2、常见金属:rnD、铁(多为不锈钢);rnE、镍合金;rnF、常见金属铜及其合金;rnG、铝镁合金,锡alloy. rn(二)非金属类:rn1、皮革、绳索、丝绢类;rn2、塑料、橡胶类;rn3、非金属、动物骨骼(象牙、牛角、骨Wait), shells;
    4, wood (agarwood, rosewood, jujube, Gannu, etc.), plant fruit nucleus (mountain core, peach core, coconut shell, etc.); Various colored stones:
    a, high -end treasure jade: such as diamonds, emeralds, red sapphires, emeralds, cat eyes, pearls, etc.; Natural vermiculite, spinelite, etc.;
    c, low -grade treasure jade: garnet, yellow jade, crystal, olives, greenite, turquoise, etc.

  2. Problems solved in this article: What conditions do kitchenware categories need to open Jingdong stores now?
    What are the conditions for kitchen utensils?
    The category of Jingdong Platform now has more categories. What are the conditions for kitchen utensils to settle?

    business licenses: loading the "unified social credit code" business license, (( The company's main body is not in the enterprise operation abnormal list, and it is necessary to ensure that the goods in the store are within the scope of business license operations); 100,000 (including 100,000), the lighter smoke is higher than 1 million (including 1 million), and there is no requirements for establishing a period of establishment. For some brand registered funds and the establishment of the company in accordance with the law China requires that the entry of individual industrial and commercial households will not be accepted for the time being. If non -Chinese companies settle in, please choose to settle in the BOE State Station.
    Corned legal person ID card: The front and back of the company's legal person ID card, the validity period is more than 60 days.
    Basic deposit account information: bank account opening license or basic deposit account information or deposit form or application form.
    Colidation taxpayer qualification certificate: If general taxpayers need to provide, small -scale taxpayers do not need to provide.
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  3. For the situation you elaborated, its business scope can be considered as home accessories, women's accessories, earrings, necklaces, hand ornaments, rings, headwear, wholesale and retail, which should be wholesale and retail. The details of the category are as follows:

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