3 thoughts on “Which platform is good for live broadcast goods?”

  1. Which platform is good for live broadcast goods? Which platform is good for live broadcast goods?

    The platforms that can be used for sale live broadcasts are too many. Except for some unknown small platforms and new platforms, the mainstream live broadcast platforms can be divided into three categories. Those who are interested can go down. See:

    1. The mainstream selling platform

    This is the first echelon. The well -known platforms include Taobao, Douyin, and fast hands. According to relevant data, Taobao's monthly survival 700 million, Douyin's monthly survival of 460 million, fast -moving monthly 260 million, most people will see these three platforms. The goods are very helpful.

    2, common live broadcast platforms

    In some entertainment platforms will also open the live broadcast function after the fire is on fire, such as Weibo, Pinduoduo, watermelon video, JD.com, Xiaohong, Xiaohong Books and Bilibili are popular platforms. While users are entertaining, they will also pay attention to the content of the live broadcast.

    3, the third echelon

    and some platforms can also open live broadcasts while making games and shopping, such as Huya Live, Pepper Live, Douyu Live, YY Live broadcast , Suning Tesco and Mushroom Street, in the front are small videos and games, and the back is a closer shopping category with users. It also has a certain effect if it is broadcast on the live broadcast.

    The above is the good content of which platform is the platform. The traffic and user attributes of each platform can choose the appropriate platform according to the type of goods and user types.

  2. Which platform is good for live broadcasts, I can only say that it is really fragrant! Trust is the basis of e -commerce live broadcast. The biggest advantage of live broadcast sales is to solve the problem of trust through screen communication. In the fast hand, it is the old iron economy, and the fans are extremely sticky, which shortens the transaction chain infinitely and solves the problem of trust. In addition, Lianmai Live Selling goods with large traffic anchors is a huge online traffic. In the process of Lianmai Second List, it fully integrates entertainment and randomness. For live broadcast goods, it meets people. The characteristics of love to make fun have attracted more people. These two points also guarantee that the fast -live broadcast selling platform can be better than others.

  3. If you want to choose to sell the goods through live broadcast, I think you can go to Douyin, or it is a fast -moving platform, because they are all doing very well, many people pay attention to them

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