Filtration mechanism of ceramic filter plate

Ceramic filter plate filtration mechanism:

Ceramic Foam Filtration Slice composite structure can effectively mechanical slag, when the metal liquid through the complex structure of the Foam Ceramic filter, through the mechanical separation of the filter medium, greater than the hole filter surface Filtration and precipitation in the filter liquid metal into the end, become a component of the filter. The increasing amount of inclusions accumulated on the filter surface, and gradually formed a layer of filter cake, so that the metal liquid flow was further refined, and the addition of filter medium surface can filter out further tiny packages. At the same time, the media also filters the effect, in the ceramic body, the number of holes, there is a tiny seam, or dead presence, in different fields, these changes are intercepted by the possible location of the inclusion, the filter inside the "cake" effect.

Surface effect: when the liquid metal flows through the complex structure of the ceramic billet body, divided into numerous tiny streams, increase the contact area and contact probability of the liquid metal inclusion, the filter medium, because the filter surface is very tiny convex and concave shape, concave block size of about 1 ~ 10 meters, the inclusion and electrostatic adsorption and adhesion of the intercept.

9fbe62886fae7f3bddc390dedfa5ac45Rectification effect: Flowing liquid metal foam ceramic filter, divided into numerous tiny units of flow and smaller diameter, and Reynolds number (Re = VD/R) becomes smaller, so that the liquid flow tends to laminar movement. When the liquid metal is in laminar flow, because the density of the liquid metal is considerably greater than the density of the inclusion, so that the inclusion has sufficient time to float up and remove, the foam ceramic filter plate can assist the slag. The flow resistance of the filter placed in the pouring system increases, and the metal liquid flow in the pouring of the metal liquid forms sufficient movement to reduce the flow rate, which is conducive to the inclusion floating up and retaining on the top surface of the runner.

Use the effect of ceramic filter board

The use of ceramic filter plates to purify liquid aluminum plates with foils and their products (such as tank blanks, and delicate decorative materials, PS plates) has brought great benefits to manufacturers of aluminum profiles, the following obvious advantages:

Improved EXTRUSION YIELD: When the filter plate was used to purify 15% alloy extrusion billets, we used a specific die tracking and found that the extrusion speed increased by 20%, and the production efficiency increased by approximately 6063.

Prolong the life of death, reduce the number of repairs die.

Reduce EXTRUSION PRESSURE: WHEN the filter plate is used to purify liquid aluminum, the pressure of 6063 is 3% greater than that of non-filtration.

Significantly improve the surface quality of aluminum profiles.

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