Scientists predict that humans could be without electricity by 2025 because of giant solar storms on the way

This time the solar storm is actually coming, bigger and more violent than before, and scientists suspect that it may be even more violent than the Carrington event, and predict that by 2025 human society may lose electricity, plunge into darkness. Will this event cause the end of the world?

The Carrington affair

On September 1, 1859, a gold miner in Denver began his morning routine. His perennial habit woke him up at sunrise, so today he noticed that the sky was considerably brighter and redder than usual. At the time, he thought it might be a nearby fire and didn't care. But on the distant shore, the ship Southern Cross was sailing off the coast of South America, and that morning the water, reflecting the red sky, had turned into a sea of blood. An astronomer turned his telescope to the sun and noticed what was happening next!

On that day, September 1, astronomer Richard Carrington was studying the sun when he spotted an unusual phenomenon around 11 a.m. He was observing a giant sunspot about 10 times the size of Earth when suddenly a strong white light burst from the spot. Little did Carrington realize, he had become the first witness to a great corona!

Seventeen hours later, the night sky lit up over North America, and on September 2, a few hours later, north of Brisbane, people saw the Aurora Australis, the strongest solar storm ever recorded! After falling into the Earth's atmosphere, our magnetic field was immediately overwhelmed by it and caused chaos around the world. Telegraph lines in Europe and North America shortened out, sparking equipment and even burst into flames. Telegraph operators were burned or electrocuted, and everything worked even after the equipment was turned off, even after it was disconnected from their power supply. This horrific event became known as the Carrington Incident!

At carrington before the incident, no one has ever seen such a thing, at that time, scientists think it is a rare phenomenon, is the only, but it is not, long before that happened, later will happen again, but this time is arguably the worst natural disasters in human history, people at the time of the relationship between the sun and the earth's magnetic field is not clear, but at the same time, Carrington saw the eruption. The observatory in London reported large magnetic disturbances in the ionosphere, which allowed scientists to accurately link geomagnetic storms to solar events such as flares, solar winds and coronal mass ejections (Cmes).

​The outer atmosphere of the sun's corona is composed of strong magnetic field, the magnetic field distortion will slowly occasionally, formation energy, like around the spring. When finally rearrange these magnetic field, the energy released can lead to a solar flare eruption and coronal mass ejections, coronal mass ejections, solar flares is essentially a flash, are relatively tiny, occur in the lower the sun's atmosphere. Coronal mass ejections, on the other hand, are huge, occasionally bigger than the sun itself. Coronal mass ejections shoot billions of tons of superheated plasma into space at millions of kilometers per hour.

Coronal mass ejections occur at the surface of the sun. Most of the time they will be moderate to harmless to drift into space, but occasionally a coronal mass ejection into our planet, just our basic will not notice, because our atmosphere can absorb cosmic radiation, magnetic field and we will the sun's plasma deflection to the poles, through the atmosphere at the poles formed aurora, scale is not great.

But the sun has a cycle. Every 11 years, when the solar cycle comes, the sun will arrive at the peak, but this time the solar flares and coronal mass ejections and other activities will be crazy, more than the earth's magnetic field and the earth's atmosphere can withstand the maximum, and then affect the objects on the ground.39bet-xì dách-phỏm miền bắc-tiến lên miền bắc-xóc đĩa-game bắn cá

There's evidence that solar superstorms go back a long way. It was recorded between 7000 BC and 5000 BC. Later, in 1582, 1730 and 1770, records of solar storms caused aurora to appear all over the world, into the dark during the day. There are dozens of such reports in history, but in the report, a solar storm did not cause any damage. The reason is extremely simple, because at that time, the technology was not developed, human electricity had not yet arisen. But by the time of the Carrington event in 1859, civilization had advanced to the point where we were using machines and electricity to operate them, and solar storms could induce currents in anything that conducted electricity. A solar storm large enough to knock out overloaded transformers and bring down the entire power grid!

cf72cd8794e02ea75b2c50f0ef0e601fIn 1989, Earth was hit by a solar storm that knocked out radio signals across Russia. At first the Russians thought American spies were jamming their signals, until they noticed that their satellites were not responding and that several of them were behaving strangely. In 2003, the space shuttle Discovery sensor failed for hours, the Toronto Stock Exchange collapsed, millions in Quebec suddenly lost power for nine hours, and another storm plunged millions in the United States and Canada into darkness for 12 hours, while solar storms in 1989 and 2003 were only a fraction of the intensity of the Carrington events, So what happens if we get a storm as strong or stronger than the Carrington event?

I can see the consequences being fairly severe, because the human world is nearly entirely electric, and the most immediate effect of solar storms is electricity. When a solar storm hits, GPS on Earth goes out of action, it can't get its bearings, and then it loses its signal, which is usually what happens to GPS systems all over the globe, as radiation RIPS apart thousands of satellites in orbit, shorting their circuits and blowing up their electronics. As the violent solar plasma passes through the Earth, the accumulated energy in the ionosphere bounces back like a rubber band, all of which quickly pours into the surface, and then things get worse. Power stations around the world will be affected, severely or even destroyed, and entire continents will be plunged into darkness. Electric wires and transformers were set on fire, network cables above and below ground were burned, and the world retreated to primitive society. Of course, these are the worst-case scenarios described!

If Carrington or worse happens, it could be months or even years before human society returns to normal. It is estimated that some power grids could take 10 years to repair. When millions of people are without power for months, planes must be grounded, and trains must wait for months, even if water, hospitals, and emergency services can be prioritized, you may miss those tankers! Banking transactions require power network access and satellite uplink, without which the global financial system would be in shambles. There are now more than 19,000 satellites orbiting the Earth, numerous of which would be destroyed by solar storms, and if we can't restore their power, the Earth's atmosphere will expand and begin to drag objects in low orbit and start to fall dangerously back to Earth one by one. In short, a severe sufficient solar storm could cause complete social collapse!

Now, on average, there's a 4 percent chance of a severe solar storm in any given year, and a 0.7 percent chance of a Carrington event, but every 11 years the Sun enters a period called solar maximum activity, and then the odds become much greater. We are currently in solar Cycle 25, which began in 2019 and is expected to peak in 2025. The maximum chance of a severe solar storm during solar activity is up to 28 percent, and the chance of a Carrington superstorm is up to 4 percent per year. Although solar storms have caused blackouts and chaos in recent years, a 4% chance is not sufficient for the government to take the necessary action.

2025 will be a turbulent year. Are you ready for a solar storm?

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