What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing wigs?

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I believe that every beauty-loving girl is constantly conflicted between wanting a stylish hair color and worrying that it will hurt her hair if she bleaches it. Long hair wants short hair; I want long hair when I have short hair. In addition, many people begin to lose their hair because of irregular life and great pressure, thus wearing wigs has become the choice of most people. There are pros and cons to wearing wigs, so let me talk to you about it.

Part 01 Benefits of Wigs

A wig can be used as a cosmetic modification. If the head hair is scarce, it looks extremely strange. In addition to no spirit, looking extremely awful, this time wearing a hair pieces will have a great effect. When wearing wigs, it is easy to alter hair styles, such as air bangs, especially for fairies who want to feel air bangs; ​hair that is large and looks tiny, such as hair patches, are used mainly to repair parts of the hair, such as the position of the hairline and the top of the hair seam.

Wearing wigs can avoid perm, hair dyeing and other injuries to the hair quality, and can save the cost of going to the salon to do hair style, bleaching and dyeing hair. Now real hair can be dyed twice, you can alter the hair style and color at will, so as to reduce the liquid medicine on the scalp and its own hair damage. Wigs are also not particularly costly, and can be saved on a trip to the hairdresser. I once bought a colorful full head cover simply to see if it looked black, but I couldn't wear it myself.

11147de094acbd7cb35efe6fd648197aWigs can be worn in different hairstyles, with different fashions. Wig can truly achieve hair freedom, don't tangle is to keep tall hair or cut short hair, want to be black tall straight is black tall straight, want to huge wave is huge wave, from now on don't tangle!

The drawbacks of Prat 02 wigs

Wearing wigs for a prolonged time can affect the health of the scalp and may worsen hair loss. When wearing a wig, you need to wear it tight to keep it on, but wearing it overly tight can cause the scalp to swell. If you don't wear it tight enough, the wind will blow and the wig will lift or fly. Wig head wear too tall, scalp breathing, breathable, oil is easy to secrete too sheng, affects the growth of hair! A STAR THAT I LOVE, BECAUSE LONG - term shoot period costume drama, hairline moves back critically, all plan to plant hair!

There should be all kinds of wigs, but the quality varies, and numerous now contain chemicals that can cause allergies and cancer. Some friends who buy wigs only noticed decent looks, did not pay attention to the quality of wigs, wore a period of time before I found their allergies, which brought damage to their bodies. Chemicals in wigs can seep into the scalp and may cause hair loss. In addition, rough wigs may contain aromatic amines, aromatic amines can cause cancer!

We must pay attention to the quality of wigs when choosing wigs, do not wear wigs for a long time, wigs are to be cleaned regularly!

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